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5 Signs You’ve Fallen In Love With Your Best Friend

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    If you’re unsure whether you love, or have fallen in love with your best friend, you’re in the right place! By the end of this article you will have clarity on exactly what your feelings mean and what to do going forward. Without further ado, here are the 5 signs you’ve fallen in love with your best friend.


    1. You would do anything for them, always

    If your best friend isn’t willing to do anything you ask of them, are they even your best friend? No – that’s what makes your friendship special! Try sending them away when you’re going through a rough patch – it’s impossible, isn’t it?  However, even the closest of best friends have some sort of limit and if you’re finding that you’ve no longer got one, bad news. You’re in love.

    Right in the feels

    Think about the most ruthless thing you’ve done for your best friend and ask yourself, would they have done it for you? If that’s a yes, you’re probably just great best friends to one another, or, you might both be in love with one another – yes, this is also possible! If the answer is no, you’re either really nice or in love – sorry mate!


    1. You’re jealous of your best friend’s dates!

    We all know that one very protective best friend that wears a deadly death stare when meeting your new partner for the first time. That’s absolutely ok. We’d expect nothing less, your friends watch your back. However, those alarm bells should be ringing when you find yourself despising your best friend’s partner for no credible reason – from the moment you meet them to the moment you get rid of them (oh, this is getting very dark…)

    Shook (Titus)

    Jokes aside, a little bit of being overly protective is normal in every friendship. It shows you care about your friend’s feelings and don’t want anyone to hurt them in any way. Fair enough. However, when you find yourself being jealous over every partner/crush/romantic friendship your best friend has, again, you’re probably in love.


    1. Your best friend comes before your relationships

    It’s common for us to disappear for a while after starting a relationship with someone new. We’ve all done it and there’s no shame in prioritising your new partner during your honeymoon phase. After all, it is arguably the most enjoyable phase of all relationships! Having said that, if you find yourself continually prioritising your best friend and avoiding your new partner – you’re in love deep I’m afraid.

    love friends more than guys

    Although it’s likely that you just believe in best friend loyalty and wouldn’t dare trading allocated best friend time with time spent with your romantic ‘friends’, it’s also likely that you simply don’t rate your partner as highly as your best friend. Spending time with the latter is not the same as spending time with the former and quite frankly the only people that could ever possibly come above your best friend is your family. If this sounds like you – it probably means the love is deeper than friendship!


    1. You always talk about them to others, sometimes in completely irrelevant conversations

    Do you find yourself talking about your best friend to other people? Do you mention your best friends name in most/all conversations you have with others, sometimes in very irrelevant ways? It might just be that you love them so you love showing off to others how amazing they are.

    best human in galaxy

    However, you may also just be missing your best friend’s absence or wanting to express how great they are (sometimes to people that are already quite familiar with them already!) It’s pretty standard to mention their name here and there, but when someone picks up on, maybe you should ask yourself “Am I in Love with my best friend?


    1. You frequently monitor their social media activity when you’re apart

    When it comes to social media, stalking is pretty common. We’re not referring to stalking strangers however… We’re talking about monitoring what your friend has been up to online e.g. whose photo they have liked, who they’ve recently befriended, who that girl/guy that keeps commenting “love you” or “bae <3” on your best friend’s photos are, or who keeps tagging them on certain memes.

    am I in love with my best friend

    If you’re in love with a best friend, this is you at least once a week. Don’t worry, it’s not an unnatural thing to do when you feel you are competing with everyone else for their attention and affection. You want to stay informed – we get it! If it’s become a regular obsessive thing though? It may be time to consider that you’ve been bitten by the love bug…

    There it is – 5 signs you’ve fallen in love with your best friend. If the above resonates with how you feel/act towards your best friend, you might be in love. It might be worthwhile to start thinking about what you want to do going forward. Our advice? Give it time. Sometimes we fall in love with the idea of someone, sometimes we just love them. Other times we are suppressing our feelings towards someone else and unknowingly projecting them onto someone we feel comfortable with. Whatever you’re feeling, they will all unfold in time, so wait it out and stay chill in the meantime. Oh, and good luck either way!

    wish best friend good luck

    CLiKD Out.

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    By Mila Washington

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