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5 Signs That The Guy You Like Isn't Ready For A Gay Relationship

Are you dating someone but are not sure if you’re on the right track or not? Have you met up with a spectacular guy from Grindr with whom you have amazing sex, but you want something more and you can´t tell if he just wants a fuck buddy? These are some of the dramas and doubts that many gays suffer today. Sporadic gay sex encounters, casual dating, not wanting to put labels on things or a refusal to commit can complicate the lives of those gays who do want to have a long-term relationship.

How do you know if a gay is likely to want a relationship or not? Keep in mind that people change. A gay may be willing to be in a relationship at a certain point in his life, but at other times he may not want to be tied to anyone. So that you can start discarding some of your conquests, today we set out the 5 signs that he is not ready for a gay relationship.


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He doesn’t know what to do with you alone

Maybe the guy you like has had sex with you and spends time with you, but if that shared time is always with other people, between friends and so on, stop and think. Maybe the guy you’re having a fling with needs to be with other people to avoid spending time with you? Do you notice he´s uncomfortable when you’re alone? Does the conversation stall and everything beyond sex seems forced?


He parties (a lot)

We know we’re generalizing, but if he’s a party animal he probably doesn’t want a boyfriend and instead wants a lot of one-night stands. It is true that there are couples who love to party until dawn every weekend, yes, but in general if you don’t know the guy you are interested in very well, and you see that he likes to party too much, you would do well to be wary.



If he’s a party animal he probably doesn’t want a boyfriend




He doesn’t take you into account

When you talk, does he care about you and your needs or does he only talk about himself? Is he somewhat narcissistic and selfish? If you want to have a boyfriend, make it someone who thinks about you a little bit.



Doesn’t take care of his house

This guy may be hot, gorgeous or have a great body that he takes care of, but if you go to his house and see that it’s a mess… it doesn’t look good. Is his bed always unmade? Is his living room messy and full of beer cans? Is everything pretty dirty? Is he of age but lives like a teenager? All this indicates that he is not ready for a relationship. Can you imagine living with someone who leaves his house like this?


Is he of age but lives like a teenager?




Is he indecisive

If you see that he has difficulty making decisions, no matter how small, he may not be ready for a gay relationship. He never knows where to go for dinner or a drink? He never knows what movie or series he wants to watch? It’s normal for you to struggle to make a decision sometimes, but if it’s something that keeps recurring, try to be cautious.

Indecisive Kourtney Kardashian



And so, those are 5 signs that the guy you like is not ready for a gay relationship. You can listen to us or not, but clearly if he meets most of the above requirements it is a sign for you to go looking for another guy who may actually be interested in a more serious relationship. Remember that time is money honey, do not waste it!



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