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5 Subtle Signs Of Romantic Attraction

In the early stages of a relationship, many people wonder if the person they are interested in is interested in them as well. This is where knowing the signs of romantic attraction can be beneficial. Some people may be reluctant to say “I like you” and instead show affection through non-verbal cues.

There are many different ways in which people show attraction to others. Not all people will use the same methods. Much depends on personality type. For example, a socially outgoing person may be more proactive than a shy person, even among close friends. You may have to watch things very carefully.




Another unconscious thing people do when they are attracted to each other is to mirror each other’s movements. For example, you may notice that when some couples walk down the street, each person’s pace matches the other’s exactly, even down to how they move their arms. Couples may also cross their legs at the same time, put down their glasses and pick them up at the same time, and put down their cutlery at the same time. If you notice your date copying you in this way, it’s a good thing!


Wants to spend time together

People who are romantically interested in you will find some way to spend time with you. This includes doing things with you (whether it’s chores or activities), hanging out with you in any kind of circumstance, or planning a date with you. If you have someone in your life who loves to accompany you on errands or mundane tasks, they may be attracted to you.



People who are romantically interested in you will find some way to spend time with you



Light touching

Touching can also be a way for a person to show attraction. He or she might give you a light touch on the arm in response to a joke or put a hand on the small of your back as you walk through a restaurant to your table. Some may even brush your hair out of your face or put their hands over yours as you talk.





For people who are a little shy, blushing can be an unconscious sign of attraction. Blushing can occur when you are attracted to someone as it has evolutionary roots in the reflex responses to orgasm, indicating fertility.


Blushing can be an unconscious sign of attraction




Leans in and pulls you closer

If someone is attracted to you, they may have a natural tendency to lean towards you. Think about the last time you were super-involved in a conversation. Your body probably moved towards the person you were connecting with. Your feet may point in their direction, followed by your torso and shoulders. Inevitably your bodies will end up unconsciously aligned with each other.



While signs of attraction can be a good indicator, the best way to find out where a relationship is going is to talk to the other person. You don’t have to let slip an “I like you” or a “Do you like me?”, but you can certainly ask the person out on a date and see what response you get. Most people will say no if they’re not interested in you, or it will be obvious by the end of the evening. However, if you don’t try, you could be losing out on a long-term love.


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