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5 Tips On How To Completely Own Cuffing Season

  • 5 Tips On How To Completely Own Cuffing Season

    Ladies and gents, the spooky season is upon us. Which means that the nights are getting darker earlier, the air is getting sharper and all you really want is a solid cuddle buddy. It must be cuffing season folks! To make sure you get the best out of this time (should you choose to) here are 5 tips on how to completely own cuffing season…


    1. Netflix and Chill is your friend

    Never has there been a better time to Netflix and Chill than between October and March (cuffing season timetable for those of you who are interested.) Firstly, it’s getting colder by the day, do you really want to be outside? Secondly, winter brings about a whole lot of class tv!

    Netflix and chill is the ultimate cuffing season staple

    Think about it. All your favourite shows are returning and you’ll have someone to curl up and dissect them with. Till you get caught up in each other and swiftly move on to the ‘chill’ portion of the evening šŸ˜‰ Netflix and Chill is the perfect in to get someone round, so use it!


    1. Make sure you’re both on the same page

    It’s important that you both know what this is. If you happen to meet someone during cuffing season and it gets more serious, that’s cool. However, if you’re only looking for some warmth in these winter nights, let them know.

    Make sure you're in sync/on the same page when heading into cuffing season

    There’s nothing worse than a lack of communication to take all the fun out of things! Just a quick, little chat about what you’re doing together and if you want a timeline on it should suffice. Then it’s back to your end of year scheduled program!

    1. Be more open minded

    Now is the time to not be boxed in by ‘oh, I wouldn’t *normally* go for this person’ or ‘they’re not reeeally my type’. Experiment! If there’s some attraction there, be open minded in terms of type. Why not?

    Be open minded when heading into cuffing season

    As long as you’re comfortable with them and enjoy spending time together, you may as well. Who knows? They might show you a whole new world… (apologies for anyone whose childhood may have been sullied by this, you know Aladdin’s magic carpet ride is basically Disney level Netflix and Chill, with style!)


    1. Actually get to know each other

    Look, winter is long. You have all this time together, why not get to know them? Even if things don’t progress to the sunnier months, you can at least be on friendly terms in your time together. Unless, you’re really into non-verbal communication…

    Use the time in cuffing season to get to know each other

    Either way, you’ve got nothing to lose. We meet all sorts of people in life and even if they’re in it for a brief amount of time, that could be something special. Or at least interesting. Also, chatting to them a little is the least you could do.


    1. Update your dating profile(s) accordingly

    Finally, to catch your cuffing season partner, you need that bait. Now is the time to upload all those fire selfies. Work them angles. Draft your friends in as amateur photographers to get those candids. Basically, work with what you got!

    Get your photos ready for your cuffing season dating profile update

    Also, perfect time to channel your wit. Apps like CLiKD can help you filter out people with the same interests with their 3 questions quiz. Perfect for finding someone on the same page who also likes what you like. Win-win!

    So, there you have it! 5 tips on how to completely own cuffing season. Now, you have all the info you need to go out there and find you a mate to cuff. All you need now is a good Netflix queue to get you in the mood!

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