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5 Tips To Flirt With Other Men

HOW TO FIND A BOYFRIEND: Follow these 5 tips to flirt with men brought to you by CLiKD Dating App and follow them… Now!

What about those who complain that they never find a boyfriend despite all the options out there? For starters, looking for a boyfriend should not become a full-time job. Spend time with your friends and, above all, with yourself, because first and foremost you have to be able to fend for yourself without having a boyfriend who you can show off via Instagram photos. Besides, it is not a titanic task now with the thousands of possibilities that exist: straight, gay, queer, transgender, non-binary, silver foxes, nerds or geeks.

Having said that, and in as a relaxed way as possible, follow these tips for flirting with men so they don’t run away from you when they see you:

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Download the app that you like the most

Flirt with men via the app you want, like CLiKD, that allows you to filter by themes, sectors and even make plans for when you travel to other places. You can even try to flirt through Instagram and even Wallapop. Feel free: don’t harass anyone, but have a great time.


Feel free: don’t harass anyone, but have a great time


ALWAYS be yourself 

It seems a cliché, but it is no less real. To flirt with men, do not invent characters or personalities that do not reflect who you really are because sooner or later the truth will come to light, and it is a bad idea to deceive someone from the beginning.


Try common likes and dislikes

Stellar advice to flirt with men! If you are happy, your partner will be too, and with common tastes it will always be easier. Do you like skateboarding? Join a skating group. Do you like the theater? Look for people in common. Common likes and dislikes help a lot to strengthen a couple. You’re not going to think alike, but if you’re a Christina Aguilera fan and he’s a Britney Spears fan, you’ve got a long list of conversations to have. And it can be a lot of fun.



Get rid of your complexes and raise your self-esteem

Don’t underestimate yourself. Don’t stop talking to that muscular guy just because you have a little belly. Of course, if he´s one of those exclusionary men who say “no fatties, no queers, no flat-chested girls”, ignore him and send him to hell. Love yourself more and you’ll see how others will start to see you in a different way.



Love yourself more and you’ll see how others will start to see you in a different way


Don’t forget to go out

But raise your head from time to time, meet real people and be surprised by life. Maybe the love of your life isn’t standing in line at the supermarket or staring at you in the subway, but he could be your friend’s friend, so don’t rely solely on apps.


So there are 5 tips on how to flirt with men. Although gay pride month is over, it doesn’t mean that people are not willing to flirt with men, so cheer up and why not find yourself a summer fling. Guaranteed results!


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