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5 Video Call Make Up Tips To Get That Glow On Your Screen

  • 5 Video Call Make Up Tips To Get That Glow On Your Screen
    So, you’ve got a hot date. A virtual one (obviously, social distancing is still where it’s at) but you’re not usually doing your makeup looks to be viewed on a screen. They’re meant to be admired in person, right?! It’s cool, you’re adapting and we want to help. They’ll still be blown away by your beauty, don’t worry. Here are 5 video call make up tips to get the glow on your screen…
    Following video call make up tips
    • Always start with a good moisturiser

    Having a good base is always key. Even if you’re not going to go the full foundation route, moisturiser is an important place to start. Regardless of if you’re leaving the house or not.
    moisturiser is an important video call make up tip
    Think of it like prepping a canvas, this video call make up tip will ensure that any dry spots are dealt with and will make your skin look healthy and dewy. Always a bonus. I’ve been using Clarins lately, but it really depends on your skin type.
    • Mascara makes all the difference

    A lot of the time, mascara can truly transform a face. It will also add definition and make your eyes pop on camera. With this video call make up tip, if you really want to take your eyes to the next level, curl your eyelashes first.
    mascara is an essential video call make up tip
    Fun fact, thick eyelashes are said to reflect health, which is always beneficial. In terms of personal preference, I would go for Benefit They’re Real Lengthening Mascara. A personal favourite at £22. Everyone will have their go to though.
    • Concealer will help with dark circles

    It’s definitely been a stressful time for us all and it’s taking a toll. It might have even started to show in the form of dark circles. There’s no shame in it, but if it’s something you’re self conscious about, as well as any breakouts you’re having, then concealer will help.
    concealer is a great video call make up tip
    This video call make up tip is perfect for a quick fix. When choosing, be aware that all the options have different colour undertones. Think about what you’re using the product for and your general complexion.
    • Highlighter and good lighting are where it’s at

    Cannot stress this enough, all the video call make up tips in the world won’t help you, if you don’t have good lighting to begin with. Natural light is, of course, pretty perfect. However, if you’re going for an evening/night video date, best to do a couple of checks before you dial.
    highlighter and lighting are essential video call make up tips
    Once you’ve got the lighting sorted, get highlighter in there to back you up. Of course, putting it on your cheekbones is a given. However, you can also add a little to the inner corners of your eye (or a little shimmer of eyeshadow) to make you look more awake. Fenty have a great range to choose from. You know Queen RiRi’s got you sorted!
    • Add some subtle colour to your lips

    Aside from super dry hands (not enough hand cream in the world to solve that one it seems) but I’m sure we’ve all been having cracked lips as well. So, we can try and solve two problems at once with this video call make tip. Three words. Tinted lip balm.
    tinted lip balm is a great video call make up tip
    Of course, it might seem like lip gloss may be the go to so your lips can pop on camera, but it can actually end up looking too shiny. If you don’t have a tinted lip balm, try adding a tiny bit of lipstick to your lip balm. Just because you can’t kiss, doesn’t mean your lips can’t look enticing…
    when you're feeling yourself because you followed the video call make up tips
    So, there you have it! 5 video call make up tips to get that glow on your screen. Of course, if you don’t want to wear makeup, that’s completely up to you. Don’t feel pressured. If you decide you want to go for a more dramatic look, that’s cool too. As long as you’re comfortable and feelin’ good! Check out video date ideas to show off that glow!

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