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5 Ways To Stay Connected With Your Friends During Lockdown

  • 5 Ways To Stay Connected With Your Friends During Lockdown

    By now, social distancing might already be getting to you. Even if you weren’t the most social of butterflies before, you have to admit you might be missing the little things. From going to brunches or just bumping into co-workers when you go for a coffee break. These little interactions that might not have seemed monumental actually added a lot to our days. Even though we’re all staying home (unless we’re essential workers) it’s important to stay social and keep up with the important people in your life. Lucky for us, technology has got our backs. So, here are 5 ways to stay connected with your friends during lockdown…

    make sure to stay connected with your friends during lockdown


    1. Have regular video catch ups

    Whether you decide to have it at a set time every week (some sort of routine is extremely helpful during this time) or you do it spontaneously, try and have regular video catch ups. Sure, the regular group chats you have are great and important, but to stay connected with your friends being able to see each other is lovely.

    set up regular video chats with your friends

    It’s nice to be able to connect visually and that will help add a sense of normalcy to our everyday proceedings for now. There are a whole plethora of apps to choose from (check out our list here). They’re perfect for doing activities together, as well as just having a chat too.


    1. Have a virtual quiz night

    Ah the pub. I wonder, does it miss us as much as we miss them? I hope so. Aside from not having those general vibes at the moment, you might miss the quiz nights at your local. Even if you didn’t really do that, bringing that energy to your life right now couldn’t hurt, right? So, to stay connected with your friends, why not have a virtual quiz night?

    have a quiz night to stay connected with your friends

    Firstly, could be fun. You can pick the topics. Whether you want to test your general knowledge or if you want the questions to be more specific to you and your squad, that’s up to you. It’s also a good way to keep your mind active, especially if you or your mates are currently furloughed.

    1. Do an online exercise class together

    This one is especially great for people who need encouragement to be more active (it’s me, I’m ‘people’.) Since we’re all likely not being as active as usual, it’s important to try and keep healthy. It doesn’t have to be from a losing weight perspective. It’s just good to release those endorphins!

    do an online exercise to stay connected with your friends

    To stay connected with your friends, look up some classes and take some together. You could do yoga or try a couple of dance classes. Plus, no one will be blocking your view and you don’t need to feel self-conscious, since not many people will see you. Win-win!


    1. Send each other wellness packages

    We all like receiving gifts, even if we act all abashed about it. We can all still receive mail, as long as you make sure you clean everything etc. So, why not stay connected with your friends by sending them a wellness package? You can find some online, if you’re not sure what you’d put in one.

    send your friends care packages to stay connected

    It could also be a gift basket of sweets or chocolates, whatever they enjoy. If not a care package, then maybe go old school and become pen pals. You could write letters and create new memories as well.


    1. Do a recipe exchange

    I don’t know about you, but my cooking game has been on point at the moment. So far, the highlights have been making Honey Garlic pork belly with potatoes dauphinoise, eggless vanilla cupcakes with pink vanilla icing and corn fritters. All from scratch. Ok, enough flexing! Regardless, we’re all cooking a lot, so why not together?

    do a recipe exchange with friends to stay connected

    To stay connected with your friends, try a recipe exchange. Send them recipes you’ve made and then chat about how it went. You can even find recipes you all want to try and make them together on a video call and have virtual meal. Yum! Great, now I’m hungry…

    distance shouldn't stop you from staying connected with your friends

    So, there you have! 5 ways to stay connected with your friends during lockdown. If you live near each other, you could even go wave at them from across the street. If not, even dropping a little text to them every now and then, asking how they are will go a long way. If you’re looking to make new friends during this time, check out CLiKD and their new Community Chat and Support feature. CLiKD users can sign up for a free upgrade to use the feature and continue to connect 🙂

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