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6 Clear Signs A Shy Guy Likes You



    6 Clear Signs A Shy Guy Likes You

    As much as women are supposed to be hard for men to understand, it’s also hard as a woman to see the signs if a shy guy likes you. However, the signs that a shy guy is attracted to you are usually there, if you know what to look for.

    While the following signs indicate that a shy guy likes you in some circumstances, they are also generalities: don’t assume that if you don’t see them, this person doesn’t like you. Also, these aren’t necessarily signs exclusive to men; women do a lot of these things too.


    He babbles

    A shy guy won’t immediately come out and let you know he likes you: that’s understood by definition. But if, when you’re around, he suddenly seems to have trouble talking, either to you or someone else, it could be a sign that your presence is causing him stress.


    Acting exaggerated

    One of the least attractive signs is if the shy guy undergoes a personality change when he’s around you. He may become more belligerent, or appear to be showing off with extravagant gestures (“all the drinks are on me!”) or other “macho” type assumptions. This type of mating instinct is the same thing that makes peacocks spread their feathers and should be considered a possible sign that the guy is too shy to let you know he likes you by more direct means.



    If the shy guy undergoes a personality change when he’s around you



    Indirect messages

    A shy guy may show that he likes you through indirect methods, such as sending you notes, flowers, candy, or other forms of thanks. However, the best kind of indirect signal is when you are suddenly presented with something you want: tickets to a concert you mentioned in passing, or a scarf you saw in a window and only lingered on for a moment. That shows that not only does he like you, but he’s also paying attention to what you like.


    He’s always around

    Do you notice that the shy guy who doesn’t talk to you directly seems to be around in a lot of social situations and other places? The cute side of this is that he’s simply trying to be close to you while he’s still not sure how to show how much he likes you. Of course, the flip side of this is harassment, and that can be a serious thing that should be addressed.


    Extra thoughtful

    Even if he’s too nervous to tell you how he feels, a shy guy will go the extra mile to tell you how much he cares about you. He may help you with chores or errands, bring you soup when you’re feeling sick, and offer to pick you up from the airport. Look for sweet behavioral cues to see if he might be excited about you.


    girl with soup



    Sensitive to your love interests

    A shy guy may like you enough to listen to you talk about other guys you’re interested in. He may, however, throw out some comments about other guys, to make these other guys seem a little less desirable.



    A shy guy may like you enough to listen to you talk about other guys you’re interested in




    What do you do with a shy guy?

    Whatever the signs, you may be tempted to take the direct approach and simply confront the guy with the question, “Do you like me?” While this can work, it can also be cruel. A better way to find out is to express your own feelings and liking for him (if they exist). Go the extra mile to be with him, or even ask him out on a date.


    On the other hand, if the shy guy’s attentions are unwelcome, you’d be doing you both a big favor if you ignore him completely. Any contact with a guy who is delusional would only give him false hope: in that case, it’s better to let his actions surface unrequited, and he’ll eventually move on to more receptive people.


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