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6 Dating Green Flags That Should Be Talked About More

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    6 Dating Green Flags That Should Be Talked About More

    We all know about red flags, especially in dating. There are lists upon lists of all the bad and negative things that would have us all saying ‘bye Felicia’, as we make a quick excuse to leave, followed by a mad dash to the nearest exit. However, let’s keep it positive. For every few red flags, there are some green ones to consider too. So, here are 6 dating green flags that should be talked about more…

    Waving the dating green flag enthusiastically


    • They actually ask you questions

    If you’ve ever partaken in modern day dating (hello fellow dating app users) then you’ll probably have been struck by the lack of conversation skills out there. Whether it’s one-word answers or being met with walls of silence, you know the struggle can be real.

    When someone doesn't respond to your messages and you know that's not a green flag

    That’s why when you meet someone who does actually ask you questions, it seems like a miracle. Finally, it’s not just you feeling like an interrogator! Asking questions shows interest and what’s a bigger dating green flag than that? Side note, if you’re looking for an app that helps you ask questions, check out CLiKD. Their premise is using visual either/or questions to help you connect on a deeper level and they make great icebreakers too!


    • When arranging dates, they take your travel needs into consideration too

    This one sounds like it should be common sense. Obviously, when arranging the first couple of dates they should be convenient for both of you to get too. However, that very often isn’t the case. The amount of people who will be like ‘we can go to my local, it’s like a 5 – 10 min walk from me’, when you live an hour or so in the other direction is staggering.

    Someone who takes into account that there are two of you in this early on is definitely waving a dating green flag. We all get wanting to be somewhere you feel comfortable, but it’s not all about you. Also, no one likes trekking miles away for a date that might end up being extremely average. It’s not like we get travel costs refunded (although petition for Sadiq to make this a thing? I’d sign up ASAP!)


    • They don’t pull away or disappear when you’re sad/unhappy

    In the earlier stages, dating is very much like a curated Instagram aesthetic. You only show the good parts. However, you won’t always be bubbly, happy and chill. Things change and life happens. Sometimes, you’ll be down whether that’s due to a bad day or several. If as soon as it stops being ‘fun’ (looking at you Jordan of Love Island ’19 fame) and they pull away or disappear, it tells you a lot.

    However, if they stick around to offer you support, even if it’s just being there to talk or hold your hand, definitely a dating green flag. A lot of people are fully prepared to do a runner when sh** gets real. If they don’t, you may have found yourself a unicorn.

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    • You lose track of time when you’re together

    Time flies when you’re having fun. Definitely true. When you’re so bored you want to gouge your eyes out, you can almost feel the seconds crawling by. It can be hard to find activities or people that make us lose track of time, especially as everyone is so busy, or acting like they are…

    However, if time seems to melt away when the two of you are hanging out, that’s definitely a good sign. It also means you’re relaxed and comfortable in their presence. Exactly what you would want with someone you like and truly click with.


    • When they’re nice to waitstaff, bartenders etc.

    This can be a truly underrated dating green flag, but how people treat anyone tells you a lot. From how they are with their parents, to how they talk about people they ‘love’ when they’re not around. How someone treats staff at any establishment is the biggest tell of all. If they act like they’re above them and treat them with no respect, run.

    The definition of a dating red flag

    Someone with that attitude is likely to end up showing so many red flags in the future, that they’ll end up looking one of those red capes bull fighters use. If your date isn’t showing that, imagine how they’ll treat you in the long term…


    • When they tailor romantic plans to what you like, not just clichés

    Roses and chocolates on Valentine’s day. Ground-breaking… There are ton of romantic clichés that started of as tradition, but now can just be a sign of laziness and lack of imagination. I’m a firm believer in romance being personal. It should apply to the specific person and your specific relationship. If the gesture could be for any interchangeable person, what is that really saying?

    Tailored romance is the ultimate dating green flag

    This doesn’t have to be huge gestures. It could be small things, like taking them to a café that does exceptional hot chocolate because that’s their favourite. It’s a green flag when someone pays attention to the small things and celebrates them.

    So, there you have it. 6 dating green flags that should be talked about more. There are tons more, so feel free to DM or @ us with some of your favs. We love a little personality mixed with romance at CLiKD headquarters 😉

    Jordan Enaboifo

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