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6 More Dating Resolutions To Put You in Charge in 2020

  • 6 More Dating Resolutions To Put You in Charge in 2020

    Happy New Year folks and Happy New Decade! What, WHAAAAT?! Not to put any pressure on you, of course. The beginning on a new decade can mean whatever you want it to be. That being said the beginning of a new year is a great time for new beginnings and resolutions. So, if you’re in the mood for some, here are 6 more dating resolutions to put you in charge in 2020…

    You're the boss when you use these dating resolutions


    • Stop giving yourself deadlines to meet someone

    I’m sure we’ve all been there. When we’re making predictions and goals for ourselves, we sometimes do deadlines. Something along the lines of “By the time I’m X years old, I’ll have done Y” etc.

    Don't put pressure on yourself by setting deadlines with your dating resolutions

    That kind of approach is likely to put pressure on ourselves, when things such as meeting people are down to so many variables. One dating resolution that you must have is to be kinder to yourself. Society already puts so much pressure on single people, don’t add to it.


    • Step out of your comfort zone

    It’s easy to always stick to what you’re used to. Whether that’s the type of person you date, the type of dates you go on, meeting people the same way etc. It all becomes a bit static. They say that insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting different results.

    Use your dating resolutions to surprise yourself and step out of your comfort zone

    If you feel like your love life isn’t changing and you want it to, maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and be open to new things. New avenues of meeting people, you name it.


    • Be clear about what you’re looking for

    Let’s all make a pledge and say that we’re all going to be open and honest about what we want and not settle for less. If you want something casual, that’s absolutely fine but don’t lead anyone on.

    Be honest about what you're looking for

    If you want something more serious, don’t settle for something casual in the hopes that they’ll change their mind. Being truthful to yourself is a great dating resolution, if ever there was one.

    • Think outside of your ‘type’

    Everyone has their type on paper. Maybe you only ever want to date people taller or older than you. However, you can surprise yourself when you forget that criteria in your search. Maybe someone shorter than what you initially wanted will make you laugh more than anyone ever has.

    Let your dating resolutions help you change what you expect

    Maybe someone younger will show you a new perspective. If you only date blondes, maybe you’re missing out on all the brunettes or people with blue hair. Thinking outside of your type is a dating resolution that can open up a whole new world.


    • Text whenever you want

    How many of us have sat at home thinking “Oh, I haven’t heard from them, should I message? No, I can’t, they have to make the first move!” Says who?! Look, if you haven’t already realised, someone who will ghost or dump you because you were thinking of them and sent them a message is not the one for you.

    One of your dating resolutions should be to text whenever you want

    Texting someone shows them that they were on your mind. That’s a compliment. Plus, if you like someone, just text them. One person doesn’t always have to make all the moves. If you both like each other, it shouldn’t even matter. Plus, either way, you’ll know where you stand and that is one of the greatest dating resolutions you can give yourself!


    • Be more creative with date ideas

    How tired are we all of just going to grab a quick drink on every single date? Sure, it’s simple, but it gets boring real quick. It’s not particularly personal, plus it doesn’t consider that some people don’t drink or just don’t want to and then feel pressured to. Let’s be honest, there are a whole lot of other ways to get to know someone.

    Going for drinks every time is repetitive, try more creative dates

    In fact, being more creative is a more likely way to get someone to open up. There are activity dates, for example, that will make people more relaxed. Also, being more creative means you can plan dates that align more with each other’s interests. A perfect dating resolution to get 2020 going, for real.

    Depending on what you decide, these 6 more dating resolutions to put you in charge in 2020 can be used whenever you want. You may have even decided you want to take a break from dating altogether. As long as it’s right for you, that’s all that matters. 2020 should be the year you’re putting yourself first, if you don’t already!

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