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6 More Spring Date Ideas, Because It’s Healthy To Go Outside

  • 6 More Spring Date Ideas, Because It’s Healthy To Go Outside

    Believe it or not, Springtime is upon us once again. I know, I know! It’s been hard to tell since we’ve all been fighting with the wind to walk anywhere (is the wind trying to warn us of some secret danger that is right in front of us and pushing us back to safety?! Conspiracy theory, the wind is our guardian angel. Discuss!) However, now that it’s official, we know you’re all just dying to give Netflix a break and see the great outdoors again. So, a follow up on last year’s spring dates blog post, here are 6 more spring date ideas, because it’s healthy to go outside!

    1. Paddle Boats

    What says Spring better than a boat ride for two? Firstly (unless you’re not a fan of large bodies of water) there’s something so relaxing about it. Secondly, paddle boating is a good way of seeing how you work as a team. You both need to do your part to get somewhere. You can literally see how the two of you relate on a ship… kinda… too literal? Anyway, it’s fun! You can talk while you take in nature and you can pretend you’ve left the city. If you’re a massive fan of The Notebook (let’s not get into how much the movie is not #couplegoals right now) then you can pretend to be Allie and Noah for the afternoon.

    Boat ride for the perfect spring date

    There are a ton of places where you can find paddle boats for a spring date in London. You can go boating on the Serpentine at Hyde Park (starts from April.) The prices are not too bad at £12 for 1 hour or £10 for 30 minutes. There’s also Regent’s Park, Crystal Palace Park, Greenwich ParkFinsbury Park and, the most distinguishable on the list, Alexandra Palace. Their Pedalos come in a choice of VW beetle, a swan or a dragon. At £4.95 for half an hour on a rowing boat or £5.95 for half an hour on the Pedalos, it’s definitely memorable!

    1. Classic Picnic

    You can’t go wrong with the classics. It’s pretty easy to get everything you need for a spring date picnic. It’s a chance to show that you’ve paid attention to your date’s likes and dislikes (especially if you pack something specific that they like.) All you need is a way to carry everything, some utensils, cups and plates, something to sit on (very important, no one looks good sporting damp grass stains on their arse) and a perfect spot. Then you’re all set!

    Classic picnic in the park for a classic spring date

    Setting is key. You don’t want to be too near children running around with wild abandon or that overzealous game of football. You also want a good view for the companionable moments of quiet in-between your conversation. Depending on where you both live, there are parks everywhere. Any of the ones mentioned in the last point. Also Kew Gardens. Being surrounded by flowers is about as quintessentially Spring as you can get. It’s like something out of a movie!

    1. Outdoor Movie Screening

    Normally, I would veto going to the cinema as a date (especially a first one) as you can’t talk. What’s the point? Also, I go to the cinema to watch movies, I don’t want to be distracted by anyone. I’m in the zone! However, when you take the experience outside, it weirdly changes things. Something about the openness, it makes it feel less rigid. You’re less likely to get side eye for whispering and you can actually sit close, without an armrest fighting to put space between you. Also, slight breeze? Perfect excuse to cuddle… if you need an excuse.

    Cuddling on a spring date

    A lot of the outdoor screenings (like Film4 presents and Rooftop film club) don’t start till Summer (boo! Hopefully, things with you and your date will still be going strong by then…) However, there are places like Nomad Cinema (all their profits go to charity, win-win). Their next screening is The Blues Brothers. Shoreditch. 14thApril. £14. Tickets are available. If you can’t find an outdoor cinema that is showing yet, you can always make your own if you have a garden (or know someone who does) and you can get a projector. Even more romantic, some might say.

    1. Food Truck Crawl (Street Food)

    Look, we all gotta eat. I don’t know if it counts as a hobby, but I can consider it one of mine. It can feel a bit daunting to have a sit-down meal on the first few dates, but that’s why this is such a perfect idea for a spring date! Firstly, you can stroll with your food from a food truck. Majority of them are served in such a way that they can be eaten sat down or on the go. Secondly, most of the portion sizes are perfect for getting something small at each place and building up quite the multiple course dining experience. Where there’s one food truck, there’s bound to be more around. So, you can build a unique, crossover menu that’s just for you and your date. Plus, you can share!

    Or not… If you’re looking for a selection, there’s Spitalfields, KERB(multiple locations) Dinerama, Boxpark, Pop Brixton and, of course, all the markets. Can’t go wrong with a trip to Borough or Camden Market. The people watching at Camden Market alone, who needs Netflix?!

    1. Dog Walking

    Thanks to our dating report (check it out here, if you haven’t already!) we know that 79% of women (single, UK based) love a guy with a dog and 76% of men (single, UK based) love dogs. Can’t argue with the facts. Dogs are the gift that keeps on giving and that we don’t deserve. However, not all of us are lucky enough to have a dog (yet! I will adopt a corgi mix, just you watch) but, there is another option. An app to save us all. Borrow My Doggy. Does what it says on the tin (possibly the most British thing I’ve said in years, wow!)

    Walking a dog, on his way to a spring date

    The great thing about dog walking is that you can coo over the dog and practice how you’d be taking care of another living creature. Also, how can you possibly have a bad time with a dog in tow? Their excitement is palpable and hard to resist. You’re on to a winner here!

    1. Outdoor Book Swap

    Can’t lie. I (like most people) went through a Noah Centineo obsessive phase, to the point of YouTube still recommending any content that relates to him. So, I got this idea from one of his interviews and, in true Noah Centineo fashion, it’s as lovey dovey as it gets. Most of us have a few favourite books. Swapping your favourites is an intimate way to get to know your date, without even speaking. The things that call to our imaginations can tell us a lot about each other. It’s also a great way to be still together. It’s fantastic to be able to talk, but can you just enjoy each other’s company, even in the quieter moments?

    You can pick anywhere to do this, but outdoors just sets the scene. You don’t have to aim to finish the full books that day, but starting them together well be a landmark moment. Especially if things progress and you create your own story together (yes, I’m going all mushy. This is my favourite suggestion on the list as I’m a huge bookworm!) So, get your books and a comfy blanket ready!

    There you have it! 6 more spring date ideas, because it’s healthy to go outside. The truth is that no matter what you do, as long as you and your date have chemistry, then you’re probably in the right place. Now, go forth and frolic together in some flowers before I say something else that sounds like it’s a line stolen straight out of a rom com trying too hard!

    By Jordan Enaboifo

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