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6 More Ways To Bring Some Happiness Into Your Life

  • 6 More Ways To Bring Some Happiness Into Your Life

    Being happy. What does that even mean? Isn’t it real or just an Instagram aesthetic to match the #blessed hashtag? It can feel unattainable and fleeting to many, but it’s important to remember that you won’t always be continuously happy. However, there are ways to inject more happiness into your day to day life. We’ve already had 10 ways to spread happiness, now, here are 6 more ways to bring some happiness into your life.

    Happiest pig in the world


    1. Find one positive at the end of each day

    It can be easy to pick up on all the negativity surrounding us. Whether on a global scale (looking at you Boris) or in our everyday lives. However, you only need one thing to go right to transform your day. So, at the end of each day, try and pinpoint something positive that happened. It doesn’t have to be monumental, as long as it means something to you, that’s more than enough.

    Positivity is the key to happiness


    1. Get more sleep

    Easier said than done, right? As someone who is regularly sleep deprived and fully backing the ‘naptime at work’ initiative (if it’s not real, it should be damnit! It’ll definitely lead to more happiness in my life) I know how important this one is. Truthfully, when I’ve had a good night’s sleep, I am more likely to be in a good mood. Research has shown how essential sleep is and, honestly, that next episode on the series you’re currently bingeing will still be there tomorrow. Just go to bed!

    Happy sleepy cat


    1. Take yourself out

    Aside from it being stressful to always be waiting for people to do stuff with you, it’s definitely a positive to be comfortable with your own company. If you’re just catering to you, then the sky is the limit! Some might call it dating yourself (apparently that’s known as masturdating, I don’t make the rules here!) Enjoying your own company is also empowering. It’s the perfect way to figure out what you enjoy, as well as adding a sprinkle of happiness to your life. Win-Win.

    When someone asks if you can really be happy single


    1. Have regular social media breaks

    One of the things that has definitely been standing in the way of all our happiness is social media. For all its pros, social media is the place where people go to flex and flaunt how well they’re doing. Sure, more people are talking about being honest on there. However, for the most part, most of our feeds are filled with people thinking their influencers with no real influence, but a ton of free trips to post about. It can get you down, so regular breaks are likely to help you remember how curated their feeds really are.

    Instagram is not real life, you'll be happy off it every now and then


    1. Set some boundaries

    If you’re not someone who says no a lot, especially to things you don’t want to do, I can’t recommend it enough. Setting personal boundaries is guaranteed to bring more happiness into your life. Firstly, it’s empowering. Secondly, you’ll just live better without people constantly taking advantage of you. There’s a reason why people who give zero f**ks are glowing. Try it!

    Giving zero f**ks is the key to happiness


    1. Listen to music

    The perfect playlists can transport you anywhere and everywhere, without even having to take a physical step. It’s the soundtrack to our lives and it can really improve some bad days. So, when you have a minute, take the time to compile a list of your favourite happy-go-luck tunes and have them on hand (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal… if that’s how you want to roll.) Music is a perfect way to achieve maximum happiness 🙂

    Choosing some songs for a happier playlist always helps

    So, there you have it. 6 more ways to bring some happiness into your life. What better way to celebrate National Happiness Happens Day, than to inject some into your own life? Now’s the time to start, get on it!

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