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6 Reasons Why Infatuation Exists



    6 Reasons Why Infatuation Exists

    Some of the underlying causes of infatuation have to do with chemicals in your body and feelings that cause you intense pleasure. Make sure you know the difference between love and infatuation before you commit to a relationship for the wrong reasons.


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    Discovering the causes of infatuation

    Find the reason for what happens when you’re infatuated and learn to recognize the difference between true love and true lust. Here are 6 reasons why infatuation exists.


    You have a chemical reaction

    You may actually feel excited and euphoric when you’re falling in love with someone. In your brain, the dopamine center is rewarded when you see or think about your love interest. Then your brain is flooded with dopamine. This pleasure response feels so good that it’s easy to mistake infatuation for a real connection. Many relationships are based on this pleasure-reward reaction, which can basically self-destruct when the two of you realize that this is the only thing keeping you together.



    You love falling in love

    Falling in love, whether for the first time or anytime, is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. When you’re in love, everything in the world seems right. You never tire of the person and being together becomes almost like an addiction. Infatuation becomes apparent when the feelings change over time, the adrenaline stops, and you start wishing for a new lover to captivate your interest.



    When you’re in love, everything in the world seems right



    You live for the thrill

    When you feel comfortable with someone, you will still feel love and passion, but it is difficult to hold on to the intense feelings of infatuation in the long run. Life becomes more ordinary and even boring at times. No person can always be exciting and stimulating all the time. If you go from person to person becoming infatuated with them and enjoying the crazy emotions of infatuation, you are likely to have a need for excitement and drama that others simply cannot give you. In a relationship, a couple goes through stages and must go through each step together for it to last.


    You live in a fantasy

    No person is perfect all the time. However, when you’re infatuated, it almost feels like you’ve found that unattainable person, and you perceive them as flawless. Over time, you can spend so much time thinking about that person that feelings get out of control and you have trouble  functioning in daily life. Instead of the relationship becoming real, it starts to become an obsession. Your imagination gets out of control, and soon you could be in trouble.





    Sexual attraction

    When you are physically attracted to someone, this can be another cause of falling in love. The chemistry between two people overtakes logic, and suddenly you are in love with the object of your infatuation. Even if you don’t have many things in common or share the same goals, when you’re infatuated, you tend to ignore those things. Once the feelings subside, it becomes clear whether the relationship is worth keeping in the long run or not.



    When you are physically attracted to someone, this can be another cause of falling in love



    You haven’t found the right person

    Your perfect partner will probably be someone who makes you infatuated at first, and then evolves into someone you can just enjoy life with in the long run. Relationships aren’t always easy, but when you have someone who gives you lasting love, you’ll want to make it work. Even without the intensity of the initial crush, you’ll still feel good about the relationship.


    Is it love? It’s worth learning to recognize the difference between infatuation and real love. Take a test to find out if it’s real love or just a crush.



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