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6 Signs Of A Great First Date Who Is Oh So Into You

  • 6 Signs Of A Great First Date Who Is Oh So Into You

    So, you’ve just gotten home from a first date (did you meet on the CLiKD app? Congratulations! It must have gone well then!) and now that you’re not sat/stood near them, you’re unsure. I mean, you had fun, but did they? Was the feeling of it being a great first date mutual? Well, in case you don’t know, here are 6 signs of a great first date who is oh so into you…

    When you both are into each other, it's a great first date


    • They actually asked you questions

    For me, this one is a dealbreaker. If they don’t ask me anything at all, they’ll never see me again. End of. It seems like a no brainer, how else does conversation flow if no one asks questions?

    You have to ask each other questions for it to potentially be a great first date

    No one wants to feel like an interrogator (if the questions are one sided) and asking questions shows interest. Not just the usual run of the mill questions, but a whole range (check out our post on alternative date questions.) If they’re putting in the work to get to know you, it’s definitely a sign of a great first date.


    • They say they’re having a good time

    This one can be hit or miss. Sometimes people say they had a good time at the end, just to be nice or because they’re still figuring out if they actually enjoyed your company.

    If they say they had a good time during the date, they had a great first date

    However, during the date, you can probably take them at their word. Without the pressure of an awkward goodbye, you’d hope they’d be their more authentic self. Don’t overthink it. If they say it, they’re probably having a great first date with you too.


    • Neither of you had to think about what to say next

    This is one that is all about gauging that chemistry between you guys. Are you comfortable together? Does it feel easy talking to them? Granted, nerves can take over and make you forget how to formulate words, as well as fully fledged sentences, but if you feel yourself starting to relax, you’re in a good place.

    If you're not actively thinking of what to say, then it's a great first date

    When you’re no longer feeling the need to overcompensate for any silences and you didn’t find yourselves actively trying to think of another topic to discuss, then you’re on a great first date.

    • They don’t reach/use their phone at all

    Who among us isn’t almost always attached to their phone? At this point, they may have to have them surgically removed. If you’ve found yourself in the company of someone who makes you forget about sending singles’ memes to your friends or lazily liking pictures in your Instagram timeline, then they’re amazing company.

    If you forget to even use your phone, it's definitely the signs of a great first date

    If they feel the same, you’ve got yourself a great first date, because their focus is solely on you.


    • Date goes longer than expected

    Extending the date? Great first date sign

    They obviously want to spend more time with you and have forgotten about their back up exit plan of having their dryer spontaneously combust into flames. If you’re into them, see where the night (or day) takes you. Why not?!


    • They say they want to see you again AND have a suggestion of what to do next time

    Now, anyone can say “we should do this again sometime”, but, if they actually have an idea of what you could next time and are already checking to see if you’re free? Lock. It. Down. They’re definitely into you!

    A sign of great first date is arranging to see each other again

    They’re not even doing the old ‘get home, overthink, pick up on minor thing and ghost’ routine. That’s truly something. Especially considering how busy everyone seems to be, they’re not wasting any time. Great first date vibes to the max!

    So, there you have it! 6 signs of a great first date who is oh so into you. Any combination of these 6 and you’re likely to be in a good place, now it’s up to you guys to make sure that second date actually happens. If you need some suggestions, check out our Christmas dates post. Happy December folks!


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