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6 Signs You’re Falling Into His Friendzone



    6 Signs You're Falling Into His Friendzone

    If your friend hasn’t called you his best friend or little sister (or brother) yet, then you’re probably still confused and don’t know if he’s hitting on you or if he’s just that nice.  Diagnosis is pretty tricky in this case, mainly because everything a guy does for you will automatically be interpreted as something else, especially if you have feelings for him. So, before jumping to conclusions, try to assess the situation through the following signs and find out if you are really placed, or not, in his friendzone.

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    He has a not-so-affectionate nickname for you

    Nothing says more than the phrase “you’re my best friend”, an affectionate nickname he has christened you with. If he calls you “pal”, “mate”, or something similar, then you should be clear that he does it because he sees you as a friend and nothing more. And this is a clear sign that you are in the friendzone. Unlike girls, guys are not secret codes that you have to decipher. The vast majority of the time, they mean what they say, so, don’t interpret. If he only thinks of you as a friend, then he’ll tell you straight up.


    You go on Group Dates together

    You may think he likes you a lot when he takes you out to eat with some of his friends, or when he always sits next to you on movie nights with the rest of the gang, or when he goes shopping with you and your girlfriends. But that’s probably why he does it, because he just sees you as another friend, and you’re clearly stuck in the friendzone.



    You’re clearly stuck in the friendzone


    He tells you about his flings

    You’ve probably heard him talk about all the “hot chicks” he’s dated. No, it’s not what you think it is; he’s not trying to make you jealous, or anything like that.  He just feels very comfortable with you because he can share these things with you like he does with his other mates. You can only assume that there might be a spark between the two of you when he finally adds you to his “hotties”.



    Your conversations are always innocent

    One of the main indicators that a guy likes you is sexual tension. If a guy never sends you a racy text or doesn’t try to touch you from time to time, there’s a good chance he only sees you as a good friend, or worse, as one of his buddies! When a guy sees you this way, sexual tension is absent. Would you ever try to text your brother with sexy content? No way!



    One of the main indicators that a guy likes you is sexual tension


    Play the waiting game

    This is a definitive test. If you sent him a text message and it took him hours (or days!) to respond, sorry girl, but he’s just not interested. Don’t even try to defend yourself and say “he’s too busy”. When a guy is too busy to text you, it means he’s not willing to give you the time you deserve.



    This needs no explanation – he’s taken! If you’re not the girlfriend, then you’re the friend who’s stuck in the friendzone. No matter how affectionate he is with you, if he’s already with someone else, forget it, he’s only interested in you as a friend.



    If you’re not the girlfriend, then you’re the friend who’s stuck in the friendzone



    And so, those are 6 clear signs that will make you realize if you are really in the friendzone. Remember that if you really are in the friendzone there is nothing to worry about, you will gain a friend and you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the summer to flirt with any guy you feel like. Besides, summer is always better spent being single: you will have time to focus on finding someone to keep you warm in their arms during the cold winter months.



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