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6 Ways To Tackle Being Sweaty And Shiny On Dates

  • 6 Ways To Tackle Being Sweaty And Shiny On Dates

    Everybody knows that dating can cause extreme body sweat en masse. Even more frustrating is that this happens in the places that matter most: your forehead, your hands, or your armpits. The first step to tackling this unfortunate situation is to own it. Own it. Own being sweaty and shiny on dates. Let me be the first to own up, it’s happened to me once, twice – more than I can count. I’m okay with it all. Self-ownership is the first step, so be honest to yourself because you’re not the only one dealing with this problem.


    Sweat Or Shine

    when you're sweaty and shiny on dates

    Next on the list is learning the difference between shine and sweat. Let’s start with shine. This happens when the body releases an oily substance called sebum to keep the skin waterproof. It protects it from bacterial and fungal infections. Sweat on the other hand, keeps us cool and helps the body regulate its temperature. In short, shine is meant to keep water out, while sweat uses water to keep us cool. So, now that quick clarification is out of the way, let’s get to the juicy bits.


    Down With Sweat, Down With Shine

    how to defeat being sweaty and shiny on dates

    When faced with sweat, there are 3 simple steps to take:


    1. Wear Breathable Clothing

    Sweating occurs when you’re too hot, so the best way to tackle this is to encourage your body to breathe. Wear some dry-knit clothing, some aerated trousers, even a baggy top. Let your body breathe, so it doesn’t need to cool down.


    1. Drink Cold Water

    This is another approach that aims to keep your body cool, so sweat doesn’t have to. It’s a simple step which requires a little bit of prep beforehand or just £1 spare. I personally, always have at least 3 bottles of water refrigerated, making sure to grab one just before I leave. For a date, drink the water before you meet the date and order a cold glass while on it. Expect to make several toilet trips too.

    Running to find a toilet after drinking cold water so you won't be sweaty and shiny on dates


    1. Mini Bottle of Talcum Powder

    This technique works a treat for your palms. Talcum powder is one of the softest minerals in the world. Which makes it ideal for absorbing oils, moisture, bad odours, as well as reducing friction – we only care about two of these uses here. Start by dabbing a bit of talc on your palms to get rid of the moisture. For the forehead, you guessed it, dab talc on the largest surface area of your upper head region. Voila!

    When faced with oil, there are 3 more simple steps:

    1. Wash Your Face

    It sounds simple, but do you actually do it? Make sure to wash your face day and night. If you have a date in one hour, give your face a quick rinse 30 mins before or so. Never underestimate the power of the face-wash.


    1. Choose Your Moisturiser Carefully

    This one requires a bit of research, as well as trial & error. Different moisturisers vary in their ratio of oil to water, some being water-based while others are more oil-based. So, when trying to stop the oil from dripping down your forehead, it helps to use a water-based moisturiser. I personally go for Aloe Vera moisturisers when I don’t want to sweat.

    Make sure you moisturize so you won't be sweaty and shiny on dates


    1. Powder Up

    If you’re still dealing with slippery oil despite the two steps above, then it might be time to think about taking on some powder. Cosmetics powder can help hide the oil produced, so can be an easy solution to help you look your best for that special date.


    A Failure To Plan Is A Plan To Fail

    Planning how to not be sweaty and shiny on dates

    Having read through our list, it’s important to remember that tackling being sweaty and shiny on dates can feel like a chore. However, once that chore has been completed, you can sit back and enjoy every date you go on. Don’t get caught in the liquid trap, instead, stay prepared and when in doubt, use powders.

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