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6 Winter Dates To Beat The January Blues

  • 6 Winter Dates To Beat The January Blues

    Winter isn’t just coming, it’s here! (In more ways than one, final season of Game of Thrones anyone?) Until those episodes are out, how are we meant to survive the months of Winter? In (hopefully) the final stages of having a cold, I’m now wondering if I should even leave the house again till flowers start blooming. We can’t live a life of hibernation though! For one, London Winters are not even the worst that you’ll come across. Secondly, Winter happens every year, so we have to roll with it. While the cold may leave you depressed and dreaming of heated blankets, we’re here to help keep some of that heat in your love lives. Here are our 6 winter dates to beat the January Blues…

    Thinking about how to make winter dates fun when it's so cold


    1. Ice Skating

    Confession. I am not a fan of ice skating. No amount of (mostly) peer pressure could even get me on the ice at the work Christmas party. “Not ice skating” was the only thing I asked for, but I must admit it was mesmerising to watch other people glide across the ice. I can (kind of) see why it’s such a popular activity, especially for winter dates. Plus, it can be a romantic one too. Depending on your level, you can either teach, be taught or learn together.

    ice skating on a fun winter date

    I know that ice skating is a pretty Christmassy thing to do, but why not keep that festivity going? There are plenty of options for all sorts of vibes. You can head to the Tower of London like we did for our trip. Add a little history to the event. There’s also the Natural History Museum and Canary Wharf to name a few. Check them out and then warm up with some mulled Wine or Cider.


    1. The Candlelight Club

    For those of you who are fans of our Adventures of a Dating Intern series on YouTube (honestly, if you haven’t seen it yet where have you been?! Catch up now!) you’ll know this place. Home to Tom’s 7thdate with the oh so mysterious Agent Red, it’s just the place to go for some 1920s glam. If you want to show your date that you know some hidden gems in London, then come on down!

    Excited about winter dates at the candlelight club

    The Candlelight Club is located in central London and lit only by candles (sensing a theme here) the speakeasy pop-up offers the finest cocktails. Also, live music from, you guessed it, the Prohibition-era of Jazz. Do remember they have selected dates so book in advance, but at £25 a pop, it’s a steal for a night of decadence and mystery. This is one of those winter dates that requires some advanced planning.


    1. SFG Club

    If you’re into games, then this is the one for you. What better way to stay warm than to keep active on a winter date? SFG Club has at all. Their Stratford branch isn’t open until Summer, but you can head over to their other branch in Notting Hill, QUEENS. Great name, if I do say so myself 😉 If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at curling, no time like the present. This glorious event takes place on Wednesday and Thursday evenings only and it’s pretty popular, so requires planning aka. book ahead!

    They also have ice skating, ice karting (now, that’s what I’m talking about!) bowling and an arcade. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like James (or Jane) Bond, ice karting is your go-to. If you’re looking for something more chilled, bowling is always like a warm hug (much needed in London ‘oh it’s 3 degrees but it feels like -2’ city!) Plus, the arcade is sure to transport you to a simpler time, filled with games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and the ultimate classic, Mario Bros. What’s not to love?


    1. Boxpark Wembley

    As someone who has pretty much always lived in North London, this is the most exciting on my list. Boxpark Wembley is alive! They’re making their presence known on my end of the tube line! Say what?! Of course, you’ll know Boxpark from Shoreditch and Croydon. This new site will be located on the strip (Olympic Way) the leads to Wembley Stadium. A prime location, given the amount of football matches and concerts held there.

    Football fan supporting your winter date

    This new site will see the inclusion of 29 independent food and drinks traders. They’ll also play host to a ton of creative events. Traders include; Bombay Burrito, Hola Guacamole, Mama Jacq’s, Spice Shack, Thai Express UK, Ugly Dumpling and so much more. Who’s ready to start making their winter dates trek to Zone 4? * Raises hand *.


    1. The Planetarium

    Am I the only one that misses the Planetarium that used to be near Madame Tussauds? I loved that place! I learnt a lot and I got to stargaze without getting cold. Win-win! Never fear though, people. This is London. The capital of ‘anything you want to do is possible and there’s probably already a group/place for it.’ There is another Planetarium, located in the Royal Observatory. I present to you, The Peter Harrison Planetarium.

    Winter date dancing in the sky at the planetarium

    It’s only open 10am – 5pm, so this will have to be a weekend date, but what a date it will be. You’ll feel like you’re literally floating around the cosmos! They have a ton of shows to choose from such as Phantom of the Universe (all about dark matter) Meet the Neighbours planetarium show (for a tour of the solar system) and The Sky Tonight Live (the sky in real time, aka. amazing!) What better way to romance and to be romanced than under a starry, night sky? If you know of one, let us know 🙂


    1. London Mithraeum

    For those of you who are history buffs (or want to fake an interest in it to seem deep. I get it, fake it till you make it) this one’s for you. The London Mithraeum has been open to the public for a while now. There’s nothing quite as jarring as walking through the City of London, then suddenly finding yourself underground in the Roman Temple of Mithras. Part of the Bloomberg space, it features installations, animated displays and some pretty epic lighting effects.

    London mithraeum

    For the Instagram Influencer in (let’s be honest) most of us, the underground space is a pretty cool site for some artsy shots. It’s free admission, but you do need to book. The space will be closed from the 20thto the 31stJanuary to install a new exhibition, but still plenty of time to go before and a whole lot after. After all, knowledge is sexy.

    There it is! Our 6 winter dates to beat the January Blues. We know it seems like a lot to go outside, but these dates will be worth it! Of course, there’s always our 7thand unlisted option; Netflix and Chill. They’re releasing some great content and… blah blah blah we know you want to skip all that and get to the chillin’. Enjoy 😉

    By Jordan Enaboifo

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