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7 Innovative First Date Ideas That Will Intrigue Your Date

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    The New Year is a time when many of us make unrealistic promises. Whether it’s Veganuary, Dry January, or charitable ‘Manuary’ beard growth, there are plenty of areas to place our post-Christmas optimism. But, realistically, few of us follow through on these efforts to recast ourselves into Gwyneth Paltrow style clean-eating-earth-mothers because, well, it’s just too bloody unrealistic. January is grim enough without a wee tipple or a bacon sandwich to guide you through it. It’s time we stop beating ourselves up and aim for some more realistic intentions. What better place to start than spicing up your dating habits? Out with the same old bars that are starting to feel like recruitment grounds and in with some innovative ideas that will have your date feeling intrigued before it even begins. Here are seven innovative first date ideas worth trying:

    Pottery scene from Ghost

    1. Take A Class Together

    No, I don’t mean a gym class! Few of us are ready to show our sweatier selves on a first date – but, kudos to you if you are!

    A bad gym date...

    Use the opportunity to embrace your creative side and find out a bit more about them in the process. You could discover Thai cookery, paint some pottery or even learn how to make soap from scratch – whatever floats your boat! There are a lot of activities waiting to be explored.

    1. Home Cinema Experience

    The cinema is not a great decision for a first date. The darkness (combined with the enforced silence) does not exactly make it an ideal atmosphere for getting to know someone. However, if you rent a projector, you can bring the fun of watching a film into your own home. It will be novel and you can chat as much as you like, without the fear of evils from your fellow audience members.

    Cinema date scene from The Notebook

    If you have your own garden, you could go one step further and use the projector for an outdoor cinema – think Sandy and Danny in Grease. This is an innovative and also fairly cheap option (online rental sites like Fat Lama lease projectors in your local area for as little as £7 a day.)

    1. A Photo-Treasure Hunt

    This is a perfect idea for a light-hearted double date. Instead of awkwardly having dinner with an established couple (desperately trying to gauge ‘the chemistry’ between you and your date), you can race the other couple to the pub achieving your silly photo challenges on the way – last ones there buy the first round!

    The Simpsons -

    It’s a fun way to get to know your date a bit with a competitive edge thrown in as well! You’ll also have some excellent wedding speech material if all goes well. Too soon? 😉

    1. Date In The Dark

    Dans Le Noir is a London-based restaurant that serves three-course dinners in absolute total darkness. This is a bit of fun, especially if you have never met your date in person. But, it’s also a genuinely good test to see if you have a personality match or not…


    1. Go Bowling

    This is a retro classic, nowadays bowling can often be perceived as more in the realm of the children’s party than the first date. However, there’s a reason it’s considered a classic – it has all the parts of a formula for a fun night: funny shoes, cheap beer and some competitive sport. It is possible as a two but probably better as a ‘meet-the-friends’ kind of date.

    Teen Wolf bowling date scene

    1. Go See Some Live Comedy

    Whether you choose to go all out and buy tickets to The Apollo or chance it on a £5 ticket to your local comedy club, seeing someone else on stage (under more pressure to be funny and perform than you are) is bound to take the first date pressure off.

    It’s a safe bet because either you both laughing will make a great date atmosphere or, if it flops, you will have perspective on how much worse your night could be going.

    1. Escape Room

    So, I wouldn’t recommend using this title when you raise the idea (they might think you’re a weirdo…)

    People in escape room wanting to escape and panicking about it

    However, the idea of solving puzzles to get clues to break out of a room has become something of a sensation. There are now multiple companies offering you a choice of environments (from Alcatraz or WW2 bunker) for a real life break out experience. It’s a fun quirky date, which will also determine whether you work well as a team. You could even incorporate a celebratory drink afterwards… if you make it out!

    Fifty Shades Freed - When the couple clink glasses on the private jet

    So, there you have it. Our 7 innovative first date ideas that will intrigue your date. Hopefully, one of these will do the trick or inspire you to think outside the box. It’s that kind of initiative that gets you to the second date, my friends. 😉

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