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7 Irrefutable Advantages Of Being Single

If couples have a special day to celebrate their love, single women also have a date to celebrate our independence, freedom and peace, things which we can often lose because of a bad relationship.

Several studies have shown that men are the ones who benefit the most from marriage, because when they are single they get sick more, get depressed more, etc. On the other hand, when women are in a relationship they are always stressed and get more tired, so single women often live better, longer life. For that reason, if your aunts still ask you whether you have a boyfriend at every family reunion, don’t worry, here are some advantages to being single.

What are the advantages of being single?


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You get to know yourself

Being single allows you to do things for yourself and for your own satisfaction. Being single allows you to self-reflect, reinvent yourself and love yourself ahead of others.



You date whoever you want

As the saying goes, “Singleness is enjoyed and relationships are respected”. If you are single, you can date your friends, your friends’ friends or whoever you want without having to explain yourself to anyone. In fact, you can flirt without fear.


Singleness is enjoyed and relationships are respected



You have more money for yourself

Being single allows you to spend money on you. You do not have to worry about birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations that are normally done as a couple. Give yourself those treats you’ve been wanting and even pay for college or that trip with your friends that you’ve been longing for.


A more active sex life

Single women have better sex than those who already have a partner. This is because single people can flirt at will, unlike those who are married or in a relationship as over time, sexual activity decreases more and more as individuals focus on other things, leaving the intimate side in the background.



You rest better

Studies have revealed that women who do not have a partner have fewer worries and therefore sleep much better. What’s more, women sleep approximately 7.13 hours a day without snoring, kicking, blanket-stealing, etc.


You spend more time with your friends or family

In theory, this is something that should not change whether you are single or with a partner. However, when we have someone, we try to invest our time in doing things for them. Therefore, while you are single, take the opportunity to have fun with your friends because the time you share with them is worth more than gold.



Take the opportunity to have fun with your friends because the time you share with them is gold



You eat what you want, when you want

It is said that couples change their eating habits and start consuming more calories like ice cream or chips or go the other way and become more fit. Single women, on the other hand, can eat whatever they want without pressure from anyone. Likewise, you can drink whatever you want, in a bar or at home, whenever you want.



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