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7 Reasons Why We Love Our Girlfriends

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    Where would we be without our girlfriends? Our gal pals? Our best friends? Boys, this is for you too. Do you have a female bestie that you couldn’t live without?

    National Girlfriend Day is here for us to celebrate the ones we hold dearest to our hearts. Believe it or not, finding a great group of girlfriends is a lot like dating. Like men, friends can come and go. You fall out, you grow apart, some move across the country and others just drop of the face of the earth.

    Whether your group of girlfriends is made up of one or several people, there is no denying that we need them to get through the week, so check out our 7 reasons why we love our girlfriends!

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    1. They’re counsellors

    Better yet, they’re free! We’ve all been there after a big argument, a bad day at work or you’re simply having one of those days where it’s all going wrong. Our friends are always on the other end of the phone bearing the grunt of it all, listening to us vent.

    Although some advice given by your bestie might be slightly bias, you always have that one friend who keeps things in perspective, giving you frank and honest advice. The beauty of a truefriendship is being able to be completely honest without fear of hurting each other’s feelings. Sometimes the advice may be a harsh wake-up call, but deep down you know that your friends only want the best for you.

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    1. Unlimited LOL’s

    One of the most common characteristics people look for in a partner is someone who makes them laugh, so why would you expect anything different from you girlfriends? They are some of the few people in the world who hear your morbid sense of humour, accept your inability to get to get a joke and belly laugh with you until you cry.

    It’s safe to say no matter the occasion; getting over a break up, having a girl’s night or just a quick drink on a Thursday, your girls are bound to make you laugh.

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    1. The good, the bad and the ugly

    It’s true what they say. If you want to know someone, hang around them with their friends. Apart from when you went through that awkward teenager stage, most of the world see the polished version of you, but your girlfriends also see the not so glamourous version.

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    You’re at complete ease. You no longer feel that you have to sensor yourself or dim your light when you’re around them. It’s perfectly ok to turn up to their house in the tracksuit you’ve been sleeping in all day. It’s ok for your not so PC sense of humour to slip out, or to admit you haven’t washed your hair in an unthinkable amount of days! They have truly seen it all and their heart it still open.


    1. Dish the goss then…

    Dating is fun, but what’s the point if you can’t dish the goss to the girls after? Whether it’s all hands-on deck in the group chat or you meet up personally for a debrief, we all love a good chinwag. I’m not just making this up here, there is a distinct difference when talking to your besties. They care for the little details, not the generic ones. Real friends not only want to know where you went on your date, but also what he ordered, what time you met up, what you spoke about and the colour of his socks. WE WANT THE DETAILS!

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    1. Cheerleaders

    Amongst your mum, your friends should be your biggest cheerleaders! Whether it’s commenting endless love struck emojis on your latest Instagram post or giving you an extra boost of confidence before you walk into that job interview, they are there to make you feel on top of the world. I don’t know about you, but that is that kind of encouragement I want around me all the time!


    1. No judgement

    It’s impossible to have a healthy friendship with a bunch of judge Judy’s. For a friendship to be genuine, you must feel comfortable with one another. Telling the group chat where you ended up after the club shouldn’t turn into a lecture.

    Unlike dating, you can see your besties as much as you like without coming across needy or obsessed. You can order as much food as you’d like without hearing any comments on how much food you can put away. You can go out and get white girl wasted without receiving the disappointed parent act. Your bestie is probably either holding your hair back or right there wasted with you – either way, thank you for the support!

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    1. You can’t live with them, can’t live without them

    Contrary to what many believe, guys and girls canbe friends. It may be tricky at first, but once you’ve established a platonic connection your relationship can soar. Girls make great friends. They are respectful of your relationships, attentive to your emotions and are a good laugh.

    Where would guys be without their level-headed female mates? As we are from two completely different planets (Mars and Venus) it’s not always easy to understand women, but it helps to have a friend who can advise from a female’s point of view. Whether that’s helping you not to look like the world’s worst boyfriend, letting you know that those trousers definitely do not go with that top or just for a general chat – your female bestie is always up for the challenge.

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    So, there you have it. 7 reasons why your girlfriends add to a complete and fuller life. Hopefully, you’re now feeling the urge to message the girls and tell them how much appreciate them. With the sun gracing us with its presence, this is the perfect weekend to celebrate National Girlfriend day.

    Friends are the family you pick for yourself, so pick wisely!

    By Kaylyn Nesbeth


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