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7 signs that indicate you're super into that guy

7 signs that you’re super into that guy. Being with the person you love is one of the most beautiful feelings because not only do we feel safe, but we also stop paying attention to what happens around us, just to be aware of him.  However, even when we try hard to hide it, there are some signs that give away that they have really stolen our heart.

If at some point you are with your guy or away from him and you come to recognize any of these signs, congratulations, you are really besotted with that guy. If you also recognize some other negative ones, it is probably time to say goodbye, because nothing should come between you and your peace.


Time Flies

It is said that when you enjoy something, you don’t feel the hours passing by, and if you’ve noticed that the time spent with your beau is short, then you’re in love! The best of all is that you don’t get bored in each other’s company. You can talk about a thousand things and you’ll still find him interesting.



Butterflies in your stomach

Yes, it’s also normal that we start to feel a little nervous when we are about to see our beau and we have those butterflies fluttering in our stomach. Even though we put it like that, it’s unlikely that the feeling of seeing him in the flesh can be accurately described, because for love there is no explanation.


For love there is no explanation



You miss him all the time

You look for any pretext to talk to him: to check if he did his homework, if he took the dog out, or if his mom is feeling better after a cold, anything! The point is not to lose communication with him and keep gaining mutual trust.


You are understanding

When a woman falls in love she becomes extremely empathetic, as she tries to put herself in her boyfriend’s shoes and, with a cool head, think of a solution to his problems. This is in order to make her guy feel great and know that he can count on her for anything.



Everything turns pink when you see him

If you’ve had a bad day, it’s likely that everything changes just by seeing him. His hugs, his words, his scent, makes everything change for the better.


You become addicted to your cell phone

You are one of those people who as soon as your phone pings, you pick it up again just to see if he has messaged you so you can answer him quickly. What’s more, you’re waiting to see if he posts a status on social media so you can comment on it and your legs tremble when you read the word “Typing…”.


Your legs tremble when you read the word “Typing…”


You dress up more than usual

If previously you tried new things, with him you stick to what you know looks best on you to highlight your charms even more. You put on makeup and perfume, brush your hair, wear your favorite clothes, all just to make him like you more. Besides, his compliments only make your self-esteem go through the roof.


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