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8 Non – COVID Related Conversation Starters for Online Dating

  • 8 Non - COVID Related Conversation Starters for Online Dating

    So yeah, 2020 and COVID-19 are still happening and it seems it does not want to end, but let’s not put our dating lives on hold. While you should follow and obey local rules, we luckily we have dating apps to make us all feel better and connected! So, let’s talk about some great online dating conversation topics and starters that are not related to COVID-19 at all! Why is this important? Well, every day we are seeing the same news and that can be draining. It’s healthy to take a break and talk about other non – COVID topics once in a while. So, with that in mind, here are 8 non-COVID related conversation starters for online dating!

    1. Ask your online date about a specific photo on their profile

    Talking about your photos is a great conversation starter

    This is the perfect conversation starter to gain insight into what they were doing during that time, as well as what they’re interested in. It also lets the other person talk for some time. People love being listened to. Maybe from there, the conversation can continue. Avoid talking about the photos of you working from home (if you have them up) since that will be COVID related.

    1. Relate to a photo that they have

    Talking about a specific photo that reminds you of something similar that you have done in the past is a great way to find common ground. It can be anything. A picture of their dog (which you may relate to as you love dogs) or even a specific place they’ve been to that has been in your list for a while. Use this as a way to show a commonality between you. If the picture is them on a Zoom call, avoid. Zoom reminds us all of COVID-19’s existence.

    1. Ask your online date what shows they have been binging

    Yes, we all do this, it’s fine. Even before Covid, this was a go to conversation starter. Ask them about what shows they’re currently addicted to. You can see if your entertainment tastes align. Who knows, you might end up loving the same show! No, the BBC or CNN do not count as shows that we have been constantly binging. We’ve all been watching the news to know what’s happening with COVID-19! Literally every day its COVID-19 this COVID-19 that, COVID-19 yesterday!

    1. Ask your online date about the last concert or gig they went to

    Try music as a conversation starter

    This one of the best conversation starters as it’s great for getting to know what kind of music they’re into. If you share any music tastes, you could possibly insert a cheeky line saying that you should attend a concert together in the future. It could make for a perfect first date. Obviously, this would be after the whole COVID-19 situation is over. As of now, we’re playing it by ear. In any case, maybe make plans for a zoom festival in the meantime.

    1. Ask your online date about their favorite playlist or what song they are listening to a lot that week

    Music unites us all. If it’s possible, try using a cool conversation starter which lets you just share music back and forth, trust us, this will be a good relationship. Also, you’ll be able to know how they have been feeling lately. Musical taste does speak volumes of one’s character. Just, please don’t mention that Ranchero Mexican song talking about how to wash your hands and protect yourself from COVID-19. Not a pleasant song to listen to by any means. EVER!

    1. Make a joke about how amazing and romantic your first date will be – risky (will possibly be an online date)

    This conversation starter is risky but, if done with finesse, it can be very effective since you are already saying that your intention is to meet up in the future. Flirting your way through this opening line may bring a smile to the receiver’s face and trust us, when one is typing with a smile or smirk on their face, things are always looking good. Of course, yes try to avoid the conversation of “when will that happen, since COVID-19 is still here?” Yeah, on second thought don’t be afraid to plan a cute Zoom dinner with candles and everything if you’re not comfortable meeting up.

    1. Get to the point and ask to go out – risky (works great on guys) (but don’t do it, if are not allowed!)

    As a conversation starter, ask them out

    As conversation starters go, this one works wonders on guys. Many studies have shown that 98% of guys will say yes to direct hang out invitations from girls. For girls, it might not work out so great, but its also worth a shot. However, be cheerful and flirty. If you just say a plain “let’s go out”, the receiver may feel a bit turned off by such a bland messaging. Then again, what if they say yes either way? Would that mean that you will now risk catching COVID-19? Wrong! You have options, if your lockdown has been eased. You can always facetime, rather than meet up if you want!

    1. Red or White 😉

    Start the conversation with this tricky one, but beware since it literally is just that, 3 words. It can work well to have the other person smile at the implications that this message has.It can also lead to them clearly saying “white” and leaving you in the dark to have another follow up ready. Choose your next words wisely, because here you can actually say something like “I know a great place that serves white, we should go there” or “perfect, now that the most important question is out of the way, how has your day been?” It’s up to you what you decide to follow up with after that. If you still cannot meet due to local regulation and yea well COVID-19, duh, then you will at least both enjoy a glass of wine through a romantic Zoom call!

    Conversation starters are great when they're not related to covid

    Best of luck with our top 8 non – COVID related conversation starters. We hope they help you in the quest for that perfect match! And remember, don’t mention COVID-19 at all, if you can!

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