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8 Non-Sexual Turn-Ons That Women Are Into

So, this Saturday marks the opening of a lot of establishments in the UK. You can go to museums, pubs and have staycations like camping trips. Of course, wearing masks and social distancing are still in effect. A lot of places will require advanced booking and will not be filled to capacity. We are still in the midst of a pandemic after all. Which also means that people are hesitant (rightly so) about getting physical, especially with their dates. So, with that in mind, we thought we’d take a different route.

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Here are 8 non-sexual turn-ons

that women are into…



1. Smelling good

Interestingly, 69% of people are into others smelling good. As far as non-sexual turn-ons go, this one seems like it should be obvious. Smell can stir many emotions and a good smell shows attention to personal hygiene. Nothing sexier than a clean individual, that’s for sure!


2. Laughing

A guy laughing is a turn-on


Yes, I’m so serious. If you’re having fun or find something funny, show it! There’s no need to contain it. We want to know what your humour is like (good humour, also super sexy). It’s great to know that you can have fun and relax too.


3. Being polite to waiters

This non-sexual turn-on is one of the biggest. Aretha Franklin said it best.



Find out what it means to me.”


Answer? Everything, it means everything. Not thinking that you’re better than someone because of your job and showing common decency? We’re into it.


4. Being affectionate

Being affectionate


Someone that can be openly affectionate with you is one of the biggest non-sexual turn-ons! Knowing when to ask if we’re ok or smiling at us across a room? It’s important to feel seen and appreciated. The best feeling!


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5. Reading

Pre-lockdown, guys reading on the tube was one of my favourite things to see. I once saw a guy reading Trevor Noah’s book and he instantly became hot to me. It’s honestly that simple. Also, it shows a level of interest in stories and the world that is undeniable.


6. Seeing a guy being good with kids

guys being good with kids is one of the biggest turn-ons


Look, there’s just something about seeing a guy being good with kids. Especially a huge tattooed guy holding a baby. Maybe this non-sexual turn-on stems from enjoying seeing gender roles being challenged, but we love to see it!


7. Rolling their sleeves up

If a guy has a great set of forearms, then this is the non-sexual turn-on made for them. There’s something very ‘take charge’ about it. Also, it’s like they’re making their look more approachable somehow. Yes, to the forearms!


8. Having impeccable grammar

Good grammar is one of the underrated


Lastly, correct grammar. One of my favourite non-sexual turn-ons. Knowing when to use your ‘their’ and ‘they’re’? Yes! Also, I don’t know who needs to hear this, but there’s no need for text message language anymore. Our phones have full keyboards now, it’s 2020. Saying ‘wuu2’ instead of ‘what are you up to?’ tells me you’re lazy AF and I’ve immediately lost interest. 


That’s my wisdom of the day!



So, there you have it! 8 non-sexual turn ons for women. Maybe you knew some of them, maybe they’re new to you. Either way, you’re welcome 😉

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