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9 Reasons You Should Date Whilst Studying On Your Year Abroad

  • “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain. My thoughts exactly about dating abroad!

    9 Reasons You Should Date Whilst Studying On Your Year Abroad

    Going on a study abroad programme during your degree can be one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding experiences at university. There is so much to learn, see and taste. So many people to meet and, of course: a whole new dating pool.

    Let’s be honest here, there is nothing more exciting than a romance in a foreign country on your year abroad. Whether it’s just a fling, bagging an Italian husband, or even a one-night kind of thing. Dating someone from another country is a different kind of exciting and everyone should do it.

    I mean, who doesn’t want to meet some gorgeous stranger whilst visiting the streets of an unknown city? There is nothing more romantic!

    Here are 9 reasons why should definitely go for it while spending a year studying abroad:


    1. Dating abroad could mean dating people more attractive people

    Have you ever noticed how when visiting another country everyone just seems to be beautiful? Like there’s something in the water that makes all of them so attractive? Well, it’s not just you. Men and women look completely different around the world and their exotic looks make them all the more attractive, because you aren’t used to seeing them. Imagine the beautiful babies you could have.

    Thinking of dating abroad


    1. Dating someone from a different country means they will have an accent

    Let’s face it. There’s nothing sexier than someone with an accent, whispering sweet words of love in your ear. You’ll never want to them to stop talking. It’s just so sweet, sexy, and even entertaining, how other people pronounce words differently. It will immediately make you swoon.

    Discovering sexy accents while studying abroad


    1. Dating on your year abroad can actually help you learn a language faster

    Dating someone while studying abroad is basically helping your education – and education is important. Your language will improve considerably if you are constantly trying to communicate with someone in another language (there is only so much body language can say.) It will be like having your own personal tutor. Plus, it’s a great excuse to start seeing someone more often.

    learning while dating abroad


    1. Going out with a local in a new country means they can show you all the best places to eat, drink and have fun

    We all know that the best places in a city are the ones only locals know about, which is why the best way to get to know an unfamiliar city is to date someone who’s from around there. This way, they can show you all the best places to eat and drink, as well as all the coolest places to hang out. You’ll get to know the city as a local and not as a tourist, plus taste the best local cuisine. What’s there not to like?

    Enjoying new food while dating abroad


    1. Going out on dates whilst studying abroad can give you a more authentic experience of their life/culture

    Spending a year studying abroad is all about trying various things, experiencing a different culture and a new way of life. Going on hot dates is simply part of that. Getting to know people from other countries can give you a more realistic and authentic experience of that place, as you’ll get to see how people really live there. You’ll quickly learn about certain traditions and habits, giving you a more immersive experience. It’s also your chance to date people you wouldn’t usually meet at home.

    Experiencing life while dating abroad


    1. Dating someone from a different country can broaden your horizons

    People from around the world have different beliefs, traditions and opinions. Dating someone with those different views can expand your own personal opinions. Learning how other cultures work and what they believe in is enriching. It means going out with other people on your year abroad is practically a requirement. It’s to deepen your understanding of the world, so why wouldn’t you date?!

    Broadening your horizons by dating abroad


    1. Romances abroad are always more intense and magical

     One of the many perks of dating someone new is how intense and exciting it is getting to know a new person. This applies when dating abroad, except its amplified because of the time limit. You instantly want to be more open because of it. You are more likely to want to try new things sooner. You’ll be swept off your feet by a gorgeous stranger before you know it!

    Magical when you're dating abroad


    1. Dating a new person from another country means you can completely reinvent yourself

    New year, new country, new you. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself  and be more confident. You don’t know anyone, and no one knows you or about you. It’s the perfect time to leave your insecurities/fears/version of yourself you don’t like behind and become a new and improved you. You can be more daring and spontaneous with your dates because at the end of the day, you won’t see them again after the year is up, if you don’t want to. It’s the perfect way to try out new hairstyles too!

    Reinventing yourself when dating abroad


    1. You might fall in love when dating abroad

    In the middle of learning a new language, eating as much new food as you can and meeting tons of people, you might actually stumble across the love of your life on one of your hot dates. Who knows who it will be? Can you imagine how romantic that would be? Also, what a great story too.

    Finding the love of your life when dating abroad

    In short, you should date when you are spending a year studying abroad. Not only is it fun, exciting and sexy, but it’s an easy way to meet new people, make memories and experience new things. It’s a great way to boost your confidence – if it doesn’t work out, you can just move on to the next person and the whole campus won’t know.

    So, you should definitely go for it, try dating abroad! Maybe even try dating someone you wouldn’t usually go out with to make things even more interesting 😉

    By Estelle Lesault

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