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Our Mission

The online “dating world” is too superficial and is not doing what it was made for: to build meaningful relationships. CLiKD is here to change that by focusing on personality not just looks, because we believe that it is who you are and what you are about which really matters.

Using our either/or visual dealbreakers, you can make real connections with people who share your values, passions and interests. You can even create your own dealbreakers to really take charge of your dating experience. So, are you ready to find yourself and your next adventure?

Need help or have some feedback about the app?

Here, we’ll do our part to answer as many questions as we can for you about anything and everything to do with our lovely app. This way, you won’t even have to wait for us to answer and you can get back to meeting new people on CLiKD ASAP!

Got some questions about our dating events off the app?

With CLiKD hosting more and more events so that you can all meet in real life too, we’re getting a lot of the same questions. So, we put all the answers in the same place. Such a timesaver, you’re welcome!

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