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CLiKD in three words? Create – Play – Date. We’re here to change the way people meet by taking you beyond the person’s photos. We’re all about promoting creativity and celebrating individuality, so we thought why not turn that passion into a fun and exciting experience for others? No matter what you’re looking for (dates, mates etc.) CLiKD has got your back!

You know much better than an algorithm what you want in your ideal match. We’re here to work WITH you to build the dating app experience that will help with just that, so trust us on this journey. Hopefully, our values will match with yours and we’ll do great things together, but first, let us tell you a little bit about us and why were different (we’re sure you’ve heard that line one too many times, but this time it’s true. Pinky promise!)

what's clikd all about?
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take control
we celebrate creativity
it's about being human
we champion individuality