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Bad First Date Ideas You Should Ditch

If there are good first date ideas, there are also ideas that are best discarded. These ideas are counterproductive to the purpose of a first date, which should be to get to know the other person. Here is a short list of bad first date ideas. Remember that if the first date goes wrong, you can always give yourself a second or third chance by downloading CLiKD and looking for a backup plan.


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Going to the movies

Yes, this is one of the most popular activities, probably, because it requires no effort or preparation. But seriously, how are you supposed to get to know the other person if you have to keep your mouths shut for a couple of hours? Unless, of course, you’re both big movie buffs and this is just the appetizer before going to a restaurant.


Going to a concert

As we have already mentioned, the idea of a first date is to get to know the other person. If you’re at a concert (even if you’re both big fans of the artist in question), there’s no way you’ll get to know each other. Unless you like to talk loudly and try to carry on a conversation over the music and the sound of screaming fans. If so, be prepared to be hoarse the next day.



If you’re at a concert,there’s no way you’ll get to know each other



Going out dancing at a nightclub

This is another terrible idea. A nightclub is one of those places where you meet new people, not where you take a person who you want to get to know better. Taking your date to a club also opens the door to him or her finding other people for future dates. Also, if your tolerance for alcohol is low, you don’t want your date to be the one who has to babysit you when you get drunk. This can only end badly.



Group activities with your friends

Never take your date to hang out with your friends on your first date. It’s not yet time to get to know your friends and it would be an awkward situation, not only for your date, but for your friends too.


Netflix session at home

If you’ve decided to have the first date at home, you might send the wrong message and the other person will assume you just want sex. So, rule out the Netflix session for now: there will be time to do it later when your intentions are clear.



If you’ve decided to have the first date at home, the other person will assume you just want sex



Planning your first date is important. But not to the point where all the steps are rigidly calculated. You should be open to spontaneity and improvisation, especially when something doesn’t go according to plan. Of course, you should also have some conversation topics ready, just in case awkward silence takes over your first date. Read our First Date Tips to make sure you’re ready. If you don’t have a date yet, but you’re eager to find one, why not try signing up for CLiKD . Maybe your potential partner is waiting for you to click.


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