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Meet The Woman Behind Secret Sessions; Harriet Jordan-Wrench

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    As you might already know, well you should already know because we blogged about it not too long ago (…catch up  here), CLiKD headed down to The Hospital Club at the end of last month for Secret Sessions Live. We were not only spoilt by getting a front row seat in the prestigious Covent Garden venue to catch the latest up and coming music but, we also got to chat to the woman behind the platform – founder, entrepreneur and music lover, Harriet Jordan-Wrench. So here it goes…

    Harriet Jordan-Wrench story time


    First Topic: Creativity

    We wanted to really understand Harriet Jordan-Wrench and her vision, so the first thing we asked her was when did she know she was a creative. Best to start at the beginning, right? She told us the motivating truth; “Originally, I was headed for a career in sports, a serious car accident meant that I was no longer able to perform to the level I wanted. It was then I picked up a camera, this eventually moved to a video camera and it all began…” It really is amazing how one moment in time can really change the trajectory of your life, isn’t it?!

    Harriet Jordan-Wrench is a creative person

    Next, we wanted to know what inspired Harriet as her work really creates a strong platform for up and coming musicians. She told us; “People and their stories, their journeys to who they have become. Music and video are the lenses I use, but really Secret Sessions is about people.” We couldn’t agree more Harriet! The people really are everything! 🙂

    With creatives, everyone has their own process and things that can hinder that process. As a creative dating app, we wanted to know what kills her creative and how she overcomes it. Harriet told us; “Not getting enough sleep. Sleep is underrated, particularly in start-up culture. You need sleep to regenerate your body and mind.” Great advice Harriet Jordan-Wrench! We’ll take that on board!


    Second Topic: The Business

    So, as we mentioned earlier, Harriet’s creativity resulted in Secret Sessions Live, yay! We told you a bit about it in the previous Secret Sessions blog (why haven’t you read it yet?! Don’t worry, there’s still time to read it, go ahead!) Anyway, we wanted to hear from the woman herself about how she would describe Secret Sessions in 50 words; Secret Sessions is a music platform dedicated to nurturing the best new and emerging artists. We have over 1500 artists in our community who are all vetted for quality and future potential. Over the years we have worked with 100s of artists early on in their careers – Ben Howard, Bastille, Passenger to name a few.” Oh, some big names there! Aspiring musicians, Secret Sessions maybe the place for you to go next!

    Harriet Jordan-Wrench and Secret Sessions

    As someone who is always scouting for new talent, we wanted to know how she does it and what she looks for (handy tips for budding musicians out there!) Harriet Jordan-Wrench told us; “We have a secret formula we have been working on over the years. It’s a checklist made up of qualities and habits that future successes will be practicing early on.” Sounds intriguing!! We look forward to seeing that checklist continuing to work on showcasing great future talent!

    A big part of the music scene is the festivals, so we asked Harriet if she could create a Secret Sessions Festival, who would she want to headline. Harriet told us; “We don’t release our line ups, that’s the secret! (Ben Howard – he was our first 1m hits video and we love him!)” Keeping with the headliners line of questioning, we asked her who her standout act keep an eye out for in 2018 is. Harriet gave us the inside scoop; “Mahalia – we first featured her when she was 14! People don’t realize how long it actually takes.” Sounds like an intense, but worthwhile, process and we will definitely check her tracks out! Love to add new artists to the CLiKD playlist 🙂


    Third Topic: The App and Farewells

    We always like to ask creatives that we interview if they can create a question for the CLiKD app and Harriet did not disappoint. Like any great creative she gave us not just one new question, but two new musically themed questions:

    – Rolling Stones or Rolling in the Deep

    – Kate Bush or Katy Perry

    We asked Harriet Jordan-Wrench all about music

    Nothing like a few music questions to see if you and a potential match are on the same wavelength, right? 😉

    Now, before we ended this fantastic interview, we wanted to ask one final question. Of course, we had to ask about what Harriet sees for herself, and Secret Sessions, in the future. She told us; “Secret Sessions Live 2.0 – something is coming and it’s gonna be big – but don’t tell!!” Oh, love a little secret and mystery Harriet! Can’t wait to hear what other musical treats you’re gearing up to bless our ears with!

    Secret Sessions makes us dance

    So, there we have it. Harriet Jordan-Wrench’s take on creativity and the music business is truly refreshing – it’s wonderful to see somebody helping new talent because of a genuine love and passion, as well as stomping their feet on the elitist, often twisted, music industry that exists today. Secret Sessions is raw and that’s just what we love about it! So, go and check it out, people!

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