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Best and Worst Chat Up Lines Revealed By Professional Partiers

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    Working as a professional party guide for a London Pub Crawl, I think it’s fair to say our team have heard their fair share of chat up lines. When you have a job which involves drinking and partying with customers (most of whom are on their ‘holiday romance, international rules apply’ vacation) it’s a fair bet you’ll encounter a few flirtatious advances (my fancy way of saying, people trying to lay you.)

    Chandler Bing dressed up saying 'so how you doing?'

    Maybe due to the nature of visiting 5 different bars in one night, it’s understandable there will be a lot of pick-up lines floating about… after all, there’s a brand-new set of men and women in each bar to try your luck with, right?! So, here’s a bit of an insider look, our guys and gals on the crawl have sent in the chat up lines they’ve overhead, used or had used on them.

    If you ever needed proof that we’re in a digital, internet dating age, just look at these real-life lines used to ‘woo’ in 2018;

    • “Hello. I swipe right.”

    How very 21st century.

    • “Do you like Tequila? F* everything else, that’s all I need to know.”

    Anyone who can stomach Tequila is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

    • “If you could be any tree in the world… would you go home with me tonight?”

    Drunk dancing tree smoking and drinking



    • “I may have left my heart in Tokyo, but I FOUND it in London when I looked at you!”

    Sailor Moon

    Because who doesn’t love a good noughties pop reference in a chat up line?!


    • “I may have booked a bar crawl, but who knew my heart would race this much?!”

    Race car driver drawing a heart shape with his fingers

    … yeah, I cringed too at this one

    • “Hey, excuse me, I just missed the bus… should we get an Uber?”

    Queen Latifah -

    Well, sharing is a ride is good for the environment, smaller carbon footprint and all that 😉


    • “What time do you finish your shift, so I can shift you home?”

    The Simpsons; Homer leaving work at closing time

    Closing time, one last call for alcohol, amirite?

    • “If you can shot all four of these Sambucas in a row, I’ll know you’re the one for me.”


    The ultimate challenge when looking for true love, obviously.

    • “I’m new in town, can I have directions to your house?”

    South Park;

    Smooth! Got to admit that is well played.

    • (Because we use an orange “pub crawl” umbrella to guide our groups) “Excuse me, can I hold the shaft?… of your umbrella…”

    Orange umbrella popping off unexpectedly

    So, the big question I’m sure you’re all asking… Did any of these pick-up lines actually works? Look, I don’t want to destroy the idea of romance for millennials, but I have to say that one such line did the trick! Our longest serving host was bagged about 15 months ago, when a customer turned to him and said the incredible line “So, your place of mine?” Maybe the simpler lines are the best after all?!

    Perhaps the era of Tinderella has passed and we’re now in the age of Crawl-ella de Vil (c’mon give me some credit on that one – that’s a hard play on words to find!)

    So now, over to you! Do you want to try your luck with chat up lines on the London Party Pub Crawl? Well, here’s a little code to help you guys out with some discounted drinks, once you’ve downloaded CLiKD of course! 🙂 Use the code NV72R for 10% off your bookings and try and work on your flirting game!

    All the best with those pick-up lines guys! 😉

    Kate & the London Party Pub Crawl team.

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