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Breakup Texts: 5 Classic Examples That Get Straight To The Point

  • Breakup Texts: 5 Classic Examples That Get Straight To The Point

    Breakups. They suck, think we can all agree on that. Whether you’re being dumped or are doing the dumping, it’s essentially a period of your life coming to an end. It’s a change that will require some adjustment. While more and more people are happy to ghost, some still (at least) say where their head is at. If that’s the case, then there are many variations of the same overall message that you may have either sent or received. Here are 5 types of breakup texts that get straight to the point…

    Breakup texts are very common

    Disclaimer: Breaking up over text is acceptable in only a few circumstances. If you haven’t been together long (a handful of dates) and if you feel like their reaction will put you in any sort of danger. Now, if you’ve been together for years, a breakup text is a d**k move! Just so you know. Now, back to our scheduled programming!


    1. The ‘Let’s Stay Friends’ Text

    The 'can we be friends' breakup text

    This breakup text is one that is pretty common. Majority of the time, you can count on people not really meaning you should ‘stay friends’ in the sense of hanging out every day. They’re just trying to end things on civil terms. It’s likely that they don’t really bear any ill will against you. They just weren’t feeling the chemistry anymore, if at all.


    1. The ‘There is No Spark’ Text

    The 'no spark' breakup text

    Ah, the elusive spark. Hard to define, but you know it when you feel it. When you feel like the two of you are just on the same level. However, when it’s missing, its absence is almost inescapable. The no spark breakup text is a pretty standard one. There’s not much that can be said to get someone to change their mind after that one.


    1. The ‘I Think We Want Different Things’ Text

    The 'we want different things' breakup text

    This is the kind of breakup text you might send if you can tell that the person you’re seeing likes you a lot more than you do them. For example, if you think the other person wants something more serious and you’re looking for something more casual, this may be the most appropriate way to end things.

    1. The ‘I Met Someone Else’ Text

    The 'I met someone else' breakup text

    Probably one of the worst breakup texts that someone can get. No one wants to be that person. It’s easy to find yourself comparing yourself to this new person and going into a downward spiral. It’s a flimsy silver lining, but at least they actually told you what’s happening. Now you can move on and have some closure!


    1. The ‘I Realized I’m Not Ready to Date’ Text

    The 'not ready to date' breakup text

    A classic! This is one of those breakup texts that is common among people who just got out of relationships and rushed back into the dating scene too quickly. It’s a shame, of course, if you were starting to like them. However, wouldn’t you rather they were upfront and didn’t just force themselves to continue? No one wants to be made to feel like the consolation prize after all. We all deserve better!

    After a breakup, remember you deserve the best

    So, there you have it! 5 types of breakup texts that get straight to the point. Just remember, breaking up is hard to do, so (if things didn’t end in an absolute train wreck) try to keep things civil and be honest. Things between the two of you may no longer be progressing in this way anymore, but you can still be respectful. Plus, let’s be honest, a lot of us need all the good karma we can get! Give yourself some time to heal and when you’re ready to date again, check out CLiKD! A dating and social connections app all about connecting people on the same wavelength

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