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Brew Over Bubbles?! Coffee Dates Vs. Going For Drinks

  • Brew Over Bubbles?! Why Coffee Dates Are Overtaking Going For Drinks

    Checking the recent stats on the CLiKD app, it turns out that 84% of women preferred coffee dates over alcohol on a first date… We know, it was a shock to us as well!

    Shook that more women prefer coffee dates

    However, there’s always a silver lining! We thought we’d see the positives and talk about how you can use this to your dating advantage!

    There are so many – and you guys know how much we love lists, so (in list form) here are all the perks on why a brunch date might not be so bad after all…


    1. Atmosphere

    Considering just how popular a cup of coffee is, why not make your first date a brunch date (essentially one of those coffee dates with food)? It could be a really chilled out ‘brunch’. You’ll just share a pot of coffee, have a relaxed conversation and debate whether or not avocados really need to go on everything. (I’m not responsible for any argument that comes out of it). A nice relaxed afternoon meal, and you don’t have the whole connotation of meeting someone at night bugging your subconscious.


    1. Money saving

    We all know how important a first date is. It’s someone’s first initial impression of you! Inviting someone out to dinner is a nice gesture and all but, it’s also a lot of commitment. Usually you’d dress up, go to a fancy place and try to talk while there’s different dishes coming and going. Plus, there’s also an entire drinks menu to go through!

    Over the top dinner instead of a coffee date

    If we go into the topic of who’s paying, this blog post is about to be a lot longer. Why not save some coins and pick an Instagram worthy brunch spot? Then you wouldn’t mind paying the bill.


    1. You’ll remember them

    Dinner/evening dates are probably a great idea. Although, when you get first date jitters or the awkwardness of ‘what to talk about next’ becomes so overwhelming, that recommended wine isn’t looking so bad after all, right?!

    But wait! Only a bottle in and now everything’s hazy. You can’t remember your date’s name and you’ve agreed to go back to their place?? Better to have a brunch date where you’re both wide awake and can get over the awkward thing ASAP! Then, you don’t have to deal with it the morning after.


    1. It can only get better

    Honestly, a brunch date might not be so bad. Considering it’s a quick and easy way to meet up with someone in the afternoon. All you do is grab a coffee and get to know them amongst the sounds of people chattering away in the background. There’s also less pressure on you, since a dinner date is formal, it can feel a bit too much to some people.

    It’s like putting your best foot forward. You may be trying to impress them, but if you go dressed to the nines on your first meeting then, in theory, it can only get worse from there, right? At least if you meet up for a coffee, a casual setting where you look semi-good, you still have the opportunity to impress them afterwards (granted if everything goes well on that initial meeting.)


    1. A chance to escape(?)

    An evening date would mean meeting up after work or uni. So, let’s say around 7 or 8pm. An hour or two in, and maybe you’re not feeling their vibe anymore, or they chew with their mouth open… It’ll be a bit rude to suddenly leave at 10pm, saying you have work early tomorrow, knowing full well it’s a Friday evening!

    A brunch date would mean you could meet up for a couple of hours, and then it won’t be so ridiculous if you say you’ve got plans later and you guys should meet up again and you’ll text them.

    I’ll admit, personally, I’m not the biggest fan of being asked out for a coffee (mainly because I don’t drink it) but hearing someone invite me to breakfast or brunch is always nice.

    Brunch love

    CLiKD stats also show that 30% of men would consider asking a woman to coffee instead of a bar (although it is 2018, so that’s if they even ask – the asking option is for everyone!)

    I know I gave the plus points of going on coffee/brunch dates, but make sure to do what’s most comfortable for you! If a bit of red is what works for you, then it might be best to go with it. It’s easier to relax in places you’re familiar with.

    It won’t kill you to try a different scene after, but somewhere comfortable might be what you need after all. (Just be sure to remember the stats – they’re the words of the people!)

    The people cheering about coffee dates

    If you’re already planning your brunch/breakfast/coffee dates with that special someone you’ve met (hopefully on CLiKD), why not check out our articles on ‘How to Nail a First Date: 5 Tested and Proven Secrets’ or ‘How Not To Be Nervous and Awkward on a First Date’ – cheeky bit of article placement there, but hey, you can’t blame me for trying!

    By Afsana Uddin

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