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  • time for the talk

    Is The Time For ‘The Talk’ Still Necessary?

    Look, we’ve all been there. It’s one of the most dreaded topics that most people prefer to avoid when dating. It is, of course, the big hairy monster called “the talk”. I’ll be honest, I only found out about “the talk” in my early twenties. I always thought that...

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  • Is It Healthy To Casually Date Multiple People In The Beginning?

    So, let’s talk about casual dating. We all know that it’s not news nowadays if someone is playing the field a little. After all, we all tend to date several people at the same time at the start. If back in the day you would be labeled as a...

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  • second date

    Daria’s Tips On How To Act On A Second Date

      So, guys, let’s talk about that all important second date… To some people, it has become somewhat elusive, especially in the world of online dating. “Can it really be attained at this point?”, I hear some of you asking. Well, it can but how that’s done? Well, that’s...

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  • stop sign

    Daria’s Early Warning Signs That Things Might Go Nowhere

    Guys, regardless of if you have read my previous blog post or not (but if you haven’t, check it out ASAP) I want to follow it up with this post’s subject. So, let’s talk about the early warning signs that things might go nowhere. The warning signs that I’m...

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  • girl texting while holding an iced coffee

    Daria’s Dating Texting Etiquette 101

    Guys, I have something seriously important to discuss with you. We all know that dating is an odd one, the rules seem to change every damn day! Who can even keep up at this point?! One of the biggies, of course, is the rules of communication. So, let’s get...

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  • UK Dating Awards in lights

    Graduation Night A La’ The UK Dating Awards

    Hi guys! I know, I KNOW it’s been a while, but I have a little, well, actually a pretty AMAZING story to share with you, so get nice and comfy 🙂 Now, you are all well aware of my exciting and unorthodox internship with CLiKD (and if you’re not,...

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  • Daria Lazo

    Daria Lazo and The CLiKD Experience

    For the past few weeks, you lucky lot have gotten to follow the wonderfully romantic tales of our dating intern, Daria Lazo, through her blog on CLiKD. Well, her blog series is coming to an end * sad face * but never fear! She’ll still be writing a whole...

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  • Daria's Journal Week 9

    Daria’s Journal Week #9: Time to Meet No. 2 and One Unforgettable Holiday.

    So yeah, me and No. 2 met on CLiKD, and we’ve been having a great time getting to know each other. When I took up this internship, the guys at CLiKD told me if I met someone then they’d send us to a festival and they came through! Yaaa! What an...

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  • Daria's Journal Week 8

    Daria’s Journal Week #8: Festival Time!

    So here it is my dears, it’s officially happening! It’s exactly less that one week until I and No.2 are going to be at Outlook Festival in Croatia! I must admit the CLiKD guys are the most amazing bosses I have ever worked for, I mean can it get...

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  • Daria's Journal, Week 7

    Daria’s Journal Week #7: Is it time for that ‘chat’…..??

    So here’s a question for you. What is the exact point where you progress from just “hanging out”, dating, seeing each other, whatever to a full on relationship? You know when you cross that invisible line where you decide that this stranger you met is going to, for at...

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