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6 Cheating Scenarios: From The Obvious To The Surprising

Is there anything worse than having your trust broken? It’s hard to rebuild and it can linger with you for ages. Look, it’s hard enough finding someone you like and for you both (or more, no judgement) to be on the same page, in terms of what you’re looking for. To have all those stars align and then for it all to end in cheating is heart-breaking. However, cheating is one of those areas that is pretty expansive. There’s the standard situations and then there are the others that might be… more specific. There are a ton of polls about what people consider to be infidelity, but we wanted to go through some today. All of these are things that a large majority of people agree about. So, here are 6 cheating scenarios: from the obvious to the surprising…

What do you think of these cheating scenarios

*Disclaimer: All of these are about if you and your partner have decided you’re in a committed relationship.


  • Sending someone sexy/explicit pictures

With the rise of social media, this is one of the cheating scenarios that’s become a lot easier to do. From Instagram, to WhatsApp and Snapchat (I’ve heard some people have Snapchat purely for this purpose) there are a multitude of ways to send someone dirty pics. By doing so when you’re in a relationship, even if you’re not meeting them in person, there’s definitely intent there. Since its online, people find ways to say that it’s not as serious, but don’t let yourself be gaslit. There’s sexual undertones and they’re likely keeping it a secret. It’s unacceptable.



They’re in a relationship with you, but still trying to

keep their options open? Not cool!



  • Messaging other people on dating apps

If you’re in a committed relationship and they still have their dating apps that, in and of itself, is a red flag. It’s one thing to delete the apps on your phone and not realise that you also have to delete your account too (a common mistake.) It’s another to be keeping your dating apps and actively using them. The intent is clear in this cheating scenario. They’re in a relationship with you, but still trying to keep their options open? Not cool!


  • Sexually fantasising about people in your everyday life

One of the cheating scenarios is fantasising about someone you know

While it’s normal to think about people you find attractive every now and then (even if you’re in a relationship) there’s a line. If you’re often to be found daydreaming about getting it on with the barista at your local or that friend from your office, then a lot of people feel that’s crossing the line. When it’s someone you’re having regular contact with, it goes from harmless fantasy to dishonest, making it one of the cheating scenarios.



Just like financial abuse (controlling a partner with

money) it’s very real.



  • Lying about money if you share finances

Ah, financial infidelity. One that I feel isn’t talked about enough. Just like financial abuse (controlling a partner with money) it’s very real. If you and your partner are sharing finances for whatever reason, maybe you live together for example, that money is likely for something specific. If one of you starts using that money for something else and is trying to hide that and the money’s true purpose, it’s going straight into a cheating scenario. Things like hiding significant debt also apply. If you want to see how potential partners feel about money issues, check out CLiKD!


  • Telling someone else you have feelings for them

Cheating scenarios are people just being rude and disrespectful

Anyone remember Jordan and Anna from Love Island ’19? (Does anyone else miss Love Island right now?!) Well, they’re a prime example of this one. Jordan asked Anna to be his girlfriend, she said yes and then a few days later he was pulling India aside to confess his feelings for her. When Anna found out, she was livid (I believe they called is ‘Storm Anna’) and Jordan felt he’d done nothing wrong. Vast majority would see this as cheating. As Maura pointed out, why didn’t Jordan talk to Anna first and break things off before pursuing someone else? It’s dishonest and falls into the grey area of emotional infidelity for sure.


  • Having sex with someone else

The obvious one. Need I say more?!

So, there you have it! 6 cheating scenarios: from the obvious to the surprising. Hopefully, you’re never in a position where you encounter any of these, but just in case, now you know. Best of luck!


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