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Why You Should Try CLiKD: The Better Dating App


“I wish dating apps focused more on personality” 



Criticism of dating apps has been fashionable since the first wave of apps back in 2012. They’re an easy target for the most part. Many will argue (fairly) that the first movement of apps was way too basic and only led you down one path… a hangover and a quick trip to your nearest sexual health clinic. In stark contrast to newer apps, which are criticised for taking way too long to create a profile only for you to play the long game and either end up disappointed or mocked for being so open with your interests. Neither former or latter model are guaranteed to be successful, but are there any? No dating app is perfect, but some are better. CLiKD is the better dating app

CLiKD are the best dating app


The USP Defined

CLiKD was founded by CEO Michael Blakeley, originally as a departure from the apps that focused too much on superficiality. Feeling as if left and right swiping had reduced the dating world to a ‘Hot or Not’ approach. The idea was to develop an app that had people feeling like they’d CLi(c)K(e)D with someone. It would be an app that brought back the drive to find out more about someone beyond their first three photos. Also, delving into that other part of someone that often gets forgotten about in dating apps… their personality.



“When are these companies going to learn that a

good looking profile without substance isn’t ok in 2021”



The idea was to match people based on choosing 3 dealbreaker questions that each person would choose the answer that represented them best. Users could choose questions based on everything from their relationship goals to their favourite bands. These questions and interests would help put the user’s unique self across. Also, it would support displaying whatever that user identified as wanting to put across from a dating or personal interest perspective. 

CLiKD is a dating app where you can be yourself

The questions have multiple plus sides: 

  1. You can use the questions however you want. Whether to find out whatever you want about someone else, be it serious or more relaxed. 
  2. You can find out any dealbreakers or red flags as early as possible to avoid finding out uncomfortable truths later down the line when dating someone. 
  3. The results of your potential match answering your questions make for excellent ready made conversation starters, if/when you pass each other’s tests and match. 
  4. It replaces the need to try and come up with forced clever or witty prompts as part of the matching process like in other apps.



“Why don’t dating apps think more about what

really matters?” 



There’s More To This App

CLiKD have also branched into IRL events with some pretty wild ideas. This includes speed dating where the matching couples get sent on holiday together, after just one 3 minute date! This particular event, dubbed “Date Escapes”, attracted stars from a host of shows including Made In Chelsea’s famous faces Freddie Browne and Miles Nazaire. Also, UK Love Island’s Amy Hart have all been seen using the app’s methodology in the evenings Speed Dating exercises. The app’s unique qualities have also been highlighted in national media like MTV, Grazia, BBC and Time Out.

Made in Chelsea's Miles has been to CLiKD events

Dating apps provide a platform for you to have the conversations you want to have with the people who may have a lasting positive impact on your life. If you can meet someone you’ve already established common ground and/or differences with through asking the questions that matter to you, it is only going to make things run smoother in the long run. No more beating around the questions you’re worried about asking on a first date to avoid awkwardness. Why not look to increase the chances of success that so many other apps try and guarantee? 

People search for years to find the relationship of whatever kind that works best for them. Try the app that’s going to give you the best chance of finding that relationship. 

Download CLiKD to find your perfect match/partner in crime/ pub pal/ food friend. Whatever you want and whatever you need, via asking the questions that matter to you.


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