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The UK Dating Report 2019

CLiKD is a new dating app that requires potential suitors to pass each other’s personal, 3-question, photo-based quiz, before they can match and actually start chatting. The unique quiz element allows users to define what is important to them in relationships and matches them accordingly with people on their wavelength. By taking these quizzes and expressing their preferences within the app, we have accumulated an extensive amount of data and unique insight into the needs of UK singles.

With over 1.5 million answers gathered and a sample size of over 30k participants, CLiKD is able to provide the most in-depth report on dating for 2019. CLiKD’s statistics are derived using Structured Query Language to mine the vast database of questions and answers provided by the users of CLiKD. The app analyses and anonymizes the data and is able to give us the breakdown of the answers to all the questions on our app, without giving away names and specific details.

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To ensure the quality of the statistics, the BBC Guidelines on Statistics were adopted, and only questions with a minimum of 500 uses as profile questions, or which had been answered 2000 times were examined, thus minimising the margin of error. Questions where the answer differential was less than 3% were discarded from the data set.


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