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CLiKD Events FAQs

Yay more FAQ’s… said no one, ever. Wait! They are here to help!

With CLiKD hosting more events so that you can all meet in real life too, we’re getting a lot of the same questions. So, we put all the answers in the same place. Such a timesaver, you’re welcome!

Can I buy a ticket to your events and how much do they cost?

Tickets are not available for general sale. To be guaranteed to attend at least one event per year and to get priority status for ALL events, you can join CLiKD as a Lifetime Platinum Member, which comes with tonnes of other benefits too. Priority application status is also available to our Monthly Premium Subscribers with a minimum 50% of tickets being reserved for our Monthly Premium Subscribers. There is no charge for Platinum Lifetime members and Monthly Premium members to attend our events. Standard CLiKD Users can register to be entered into a draw for any remaining tickets. For Standard Users there may be a charge for certain event tickets (you will be notified in advance if you are selected) however the fee will be waived if you upgrade to Monthly Premium or Platinum Lifetime membership at that point.

Are there any age restrictions on your events?

All CLiKD events are over 18 only and there may be additional restrictions if the event is designed for certain age brackets.

I have a ticket to an upcoming event, can I bring a friend?

In general no, unless this is specifically advertised for an individual event. Your +1 will also need to be a CLiKD app user.

I have a question or need more information about an event, who should I contact?

Please email

I have a ticket for an event but am unable to attend, how do I cancel?

Please email

Is there a dress code for your events?

In general we expect a respectable level of attire at our events, though each event may have its own dress code; evening wear, black tie, fancy dress etc. Check the event page for details. You may be refused entry if you fail to follow the instructions. Bear in mind, CLiKD events are primarily designed for singles to meet other singles, so dress to impress ?

Are your events open to all genders and sexual orientations?

In general yes, however CLiKD events are designed for singles to meet other compatible singles. So please check the event details page for guidance on which events will have the most compatible offerings for you. Some events may be specifically targeted to cater to certain audiences.

What payment methods do you accept for membership?

We currently accept all major credit cards via Stripe’s payment system.

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