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CLiKD’s Advice For Edinburgh Dating!

  • Edinburgh, the charming capital of Scotland that somehow manages to mix natural beauty with awe inspiring manmade constructions… But I know what you really care about, what the Edinburgh dating scene like?!

    Fortunately for you the city’s epic landscape, architecture and history make Edinburgh one of the easiest places in Europe to date. Just make sure you pack a rain coat as you get 4 seasons in a day in Edinburgh…



    Edinburgh dating is great for restaurants

    For those not aware Edinburgh is a tiny capital city (with a population of just under 500,000 people) however it fits a lot into a small package. Including it’s 22 restaurants with Michelin Stars.

    From every part of the city from the Grassmarket, New Town or Leith you’ll now find top quality restaurants that you can treat a date too!

    As it’s a student city though you’ll also be able to find a lot cheaper eats if Michelin Stars aren’t quite within your budget. Look more around the University of Edinburgh campus’ near the Quartermile and Tollcross for a range of eateries.


    Pubs and Bars:

    Edinburgh are famous for their bars and pubs

    Edinburgh is a city famous for it’s love of a good drink. Commonly served with a smile and you’ll likely find good craic wherever you venture to. For dating purposes although the option seems interesting you’d personally want to stay away from the many specific whiskey tasting bars on the Royal Mile that many have fallen victim to. However there are more than enough great pubs to keep you busy in Old Town (the Pear Tree is a fantastic example) or try some of the more upmarket bars in New Town if you prefer proper cocktails.


    Cultural Activities:

    Edinburgh dating means getting involved in the culture

    Whilst not quite boasting the music or arts scene that Glasgow has available Edinburgh definitely has enough cultural spots or activities that make for great Edinburgh dating. With the cities rich history sites like Edinburgh Castle are an obvious (but expensive) date location. Meanwhile there are art galleries of varying size including the Scottish National Gallery, Stills and the Fruitmarket to offer enough artsy visits as well as the National Museum of Scotland which often has mindblowing exhibitions.

    However, one of Edinburgh’s main calling cards is definitely it’s huge association with Harry Potter. As the city where JK Rowling wrote the famous series Potter Heads can go on all sorts of tours of city!


    Natural Beauty:

    Natural life is a big part of Edinburgh dating

    As I’ve previously mentioned you can get 4 seasons in a day in Edinburgh, this is largely to do with the sheer amount of “geography” (excuse my poor meteorological knowledge) going on. It seems everywhere you look in Edinburgh you are greeted by a different natural beauty, which also describes the Scottish people quite nicely.

    There really is an incredible amount of options for dating in Edinburgh if nature is your thing. Portobello Beach is a great spot to get a deep fried mars bar by the seasides, the Meadows is a beautiful park next to the uni campus for picnics, then there is of course the dormant volcano Arthur’s Seat which gives you spectacular views of the capital. Go wild!

    There we have it friends, CLiKD’s advice for Edinburgh dating! Now go out and enjoy the Scottish capital and all the amazing things it has to offer!


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