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CLiKD’s Single’s Guide To Preparing For Wedding Season

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    Guys, the sun’s out and all those engagement photos that have been filling up your Instagram for the past year are going to suddenly be replaced by wedding photos. You may even be invited to some of them, so time to get your glad rags out! For those of you who are single (hi!) wedding season may fill you with some trepidation. Well, never fear! We at CLiKD are always here to help and we are prepared to do a little hand holding to get you through this. Wedding season should be one long, massive party with free booze (yes, your wedding should have an open bar, people. Least you can do!) and celebrating the existence of love. So, without further ado, we present CLiKD’s single’s guide to preparing for wedding season…

    group dancing at a wedding - fuller house


    1. Dress to impress and feel confident

    Look, weddings can be a great hunting ground to meet new people (for whatever purpose that may be, do your thing) so looking your best can’t hurt. Not that you should ever dress for anyone but dressing to impress doesn’t mean you should leave your fashion/style zone. If you don’t normally rock sky-high heels, you don’t need to now. As long as you are comfortable and confident, people will be drawn to that and the presence you’re giving off.

    strutting in like you own the place

    Also, remember to stick to the dress code if there is one. You are well within your rights to bring comfy shoes to change into, especially if you’re not accustomed to wearing certain shoes like heels or wingtips. Honestly, as long as you feel great, your outfit will just act as an accessory to make you shine even more 🙂


    1. Have multiple outfits for multiple weddings

    Now, if you’re lucky (or unlucky, depends on how you’re looking at the glass here) you may be invited to more than one wedding. It’s a sad, but true, fact that guys can get away with wearing the same suit to all weddings, but women will likely get judged for wearing the same outfit. Hello, double standards, you weren’t invited but you’re always expected.

    little girl rolling her eyes

    Regardless of man or woman, having multiple outfits for your different weddings will help. Firstly, not all weddings will have the same vibe or style. Secondly, you might decide that one of your outfits for one of the weddings wasn’t quite right, so you’ll have a backup. My point is, preparation is the key to an easier life. Embrace it!


    1. Book your accommodation/travel early

    Summer is genuinely a hard time to travel, regardless of wedding season or not. Everyone sees the three days of sun in the UK and decides they want to experience some real heat, so they jump on a plane. It’s always cheaper to book accommodation and travel early. Even if you’re not actually leaving the country, trains can be an absolute nightmare. So, get on that ASAP!

    If you’re travelling as a group or sharing accommodation, make sure everyone is on board and that everyone has paid the money they owe. Nothing can turn a trip sour quicker than arguments over money, believe me.


    1. Get a wedding gift that is reflective of the couple

    A lot of people tend to forget that a wedding is a UNION of TWO people. Sometimes people can focus more on the bride, but the groom is an equal part of the day too. You may know one better than the other but do remember that it’s a UNION. In that spirit, when you get them a gift make sure it’s useful for BOTH of them. If they have a registry, get them a gift from there but if you know them really well, the more personal the better.

    Jess Day -

    These two are about to embark on life together, so while they’ll always be two separate people, on this occasion the gift needs to be for both of them. It’s a representation of this landmark moment of theirs. Also, it’s a nice way to welcome your friend/relative’s other half into the fold.


    1. Don’t hit the open bar too hard

    If the bride and the groom know what’s good for them, they’ll have an open bar (if they don’t, why are you even hanging out with them still?! Come on!) It’s the biggest thing to look forward to. Free booze = good times, but when does it become too much of a good time, that’s the real question. If you’re single, it can be easy to hit the bar hard, especially to drown out the noise of people asking where your date is or when you’re getting married, blah blah. Regardless, don’t hit the bar too hard, people! Alcohol is where common sense goes to die.

    Drunk girl dancing at a wedding and causing a scene

    Also, if you’re trying to pull, the less alcohol you have in your system the better. You don’t want to be the one who makes a scene at a close one’s wedding. Just don’t be that person. Have fun, but not the kind of fun that’ll make you want to hide in a dark room for the rest of your days.


    1. Don’t feel pressure to have a plus one

    One thing about wedding season that never changes if you’re attending a wedding single, is that you’re likely to hear the same questions and lines. You know, all the “where’s your date?”, “Oh, don’t worry, you’ll meet someone”, “This must be so hard for you” or “Let me set you up with any other person who dared to come to a wedding without a date.” Let me just say this, you are under no obligation to bring anyone with you to a wedding if you are allowed a plus one. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Dancing alone in a leopard jumpsuit

    You don’t have to stress about finding a suitable date in a few months. Dating is hard enough without having a deadline. There’s nothing wrong with going anywhere sans date. If you do feel pressured to bring someone, bring a friend. At least you’ll have fun with them and no awkwardly having to explain how you met your date, then dragged them with you to use a shield. Dancing on your own is not something to be ashamed of. It’s a virtue and, let’s be honest, other people will see you having fun and join in anyway 😉


    1. If you’re part of the wedding party, remember the day isn’t about you

    Being part of someone’s wedding party can be both an honour and a curse. An honour, because they want you to be a part of their special day. A curse, because you’ll be a part of their special, super stressful day. The terms ‘Bridezilla’ and ‘Groom Kong’ don’t come from nowhere. The thing is, weddings are demanding. Ideally, it should be a happy union of two people in love, but it can often times become about trying to make other people happy instead.

    The one key thing to remember is that they don’t need more stress. A forever commitment in the eyes of God (sometimes) and the law is enough. DO NOT make it about you. Your job is to help and make everything as easy for them as possible. You’re not the one getting married, remember that!


    1. Remember, there’s free cake

    That’s all that really matters, to be honest!

    So, there you have it! CLiKD’s single’s guide to preparing for wedding season. We hope that you now feel more relaxed and ready to make this wedding season your b****! Whoop whoop, let’s hit that open bar now!

    By Jordan Enaboifo



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