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How to Create the Perfect, Tailor-Made Date That You Won’t Forget

  • How to Create a Perfect Date

    Dating, in general, is hard. Dating in London, by comparison, is damn near impossible. If you’re lucky enough to meet someone you like in this fair city (congratulations by the way) you don’t want to mess that up. Question is; how do you get that person to stick around for a while?

    How do you get that person to stick around for a while?

    Rest assured that if you’ve gotten to the stage where you’re actually going on a date, then you have jumped at least one hurdle already. You’re edging slowly away from being single in London but there’s still so much that could go wrong.

    Well, let us help you out with some tips about how to create that perfect, oh so memorable date, just for you.


    I bet you think this date is about you, don’t you?

    The most fundamental point to remember about any date, is that you’re not there alone. It’s all well and good if you have a fun time but, the idea of a date is to find out if you two crazy kids can have fun together.

    If you want to take your date to your favourite bar or to your secret spot in the park where you can see the stars best through the London smog, make sure the experience is one that will interest them too.

    A perfect date is not all about you!

    If your favourite bar is a sports bar and you know your date isn’t interested in sports, they’re not likely to enjoy watching you almost have a breakdown every time your team misses a shot. If you know your date hates the outdoors with a passion, then they’re unlikely to appreciate your secret spot in the park.

    For those initial dates where you’re trying to get to know each other, it’s understandable that you’ll want to reveal parts of yourself, but, also remember that getting to know new people can be daunting. You want to be in an environment where both of you can feel comfortable, so when you’re picking your venue, bear that in mind and go based on shared interests for the perfect date.


    You got a friend in Google

    You know how when you’re having an argument, you always remember the best comebacks days later? Well, it can be similar with dates. You’ll have gone on a date, got back and done a little browse on Timeout, only to find out that there was an event on that would have been perfect for your date, but now that event is over. Well never fear! That is why God gave us the internet, not just for arguments with strangers in the comments section.

    Whilst being single in London can get lonely sometimes, you can’t disagree that London can more than keep you entertained, if you let her and you know where to look of course. The thing that makes London so great, glossing over the weather for a second, is that there is always something to do. If you have an interest, I’d happily bet you’ll find some corner of London that caters to whatever that weird and wonderful interest is.

    It's london, it's plenty of things to do on a perfect date!

    Which means that once you and your potential amore have established your interests, shared and otherwise, you have London at your fingertips to explore those interests together.

    If you’re worried about the cost that these shared interests might incur, London is full of life but it ain’t a cheap life, then don’t worry. There are more than enough free events on. For those of you who are lucky enough to still be students (and you are lucky, this adulting business is no joke) then there are a lot of activities that offer a student discount.

    You can find all sorts of events on Timeout, London on the Inside, Buzzfeed, Secret London, any number of newspapers and even advertised on the walls of our very glamorous underground system. Don’t be afraid to have a look at what’s out there. Yes, London is a great city that you can appreciate alone but, it’s always nice to appreciate a place with a kindred spirit.


    Options, options, options!

    Now you’ve established what you’re both into, you’ve picked the best place to explore that interest with them on the perfect date and by all accounts you should be on to a winner…except there are so many unexpected outside influences that can spoil a date.

    This is London we’re talking about after all, so a summer date at an outdoor food festival could come to a crashing halt with surprise rainfall (England and heat sadly just don’t mix.) That cool gallery you found may suddenly become inaccessible once TFL decides it’s lines are delayed or completely out of service. That free movie screening in the park you found could become so overrun with crowds that by the time you get to it, there’s no space to sit or headphones left to hear it. We can’t always predict these things going wrong but, it’s always good to have options just in case.

    I always have plans!

    Of course, check the weather and public transport before you leave but, it’s always nice to have a Plan B. It will show initiative and dedication. Who wouldn’t be impressed by a date that prepared for you to still have a fabulous time together, no matter what? Better yet, if Plan A goes really well, one of the other options can still be used to extend the date. It could become a ‘multiple dates in one day’ sort of scenario. Very romantic, ‘they’re a keeper’ behaviour.

    Now, just enjoy and remember that if someone doesn’t like you for you, there are sure to be many others out there who will be delighted to find themselves regularly breathing the same air as you!

    There are many other people out there!

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