Daria's Journal Week #1 | It's Time to Get Creative

Daria’s Journal Week #1: It’s Time To Get Creative

  • Daria's Journal Week 1

    Hi, I’m Daria or Dasha (if I like you) and welcome to Daria’s Journal!

    Last month, I applied for the internship with CLiKD, and why? Because I like to challenge myself. I thought it would be a great idea to combine my creative writing, put myself out there and share it with people. I mean, why not? In the end, I was lucky to be chosen 🙂 So in the next 10 weeks. I will be going on 10 dates (you’ll be able to keep up in Daria’s journal) and sharing my fun, random and (hopefully) not so disastrous experiences with you!

    A bit about myself:

    I am a London-based freelance photographer, who also works in film. I am Russian born, but I’ve lived in London for over 14 years and come to consider it to be my hometown. At 25, (although a lady should never reveal her age), I’ve been single for a year, having a few flings in between. I’ve been on quite a few dates via dating apps, mutual friends etc. Also, meeting people when I was out and about too. Look, let me tell you… some of the dates were amazing. Some were so ridiculously boring that no amount of alcohol could ever save them. Then, some turned into complete anecdotes. No matter how great some of the guys were, you’d be surprised I still haven’t met that one guy, who I would have nonstop fun with and share the same interests with me.

    What am I into?

    I guess my interests could be argued as cliché from a dating perspective. As any creative can surely tell you, especially living in London, we live crazy lives with bizarre working hours. We hardly have any time to sleep, let alone try and meet someone. So, when I am free as a bird, I love going to art galleries or openings. Yes, I’m a massive geek! I enjoy going digging for records on Sunday afternoons, as I can’t live without music. I’m also not overt to finding myself absolutely randomly at a secret warehouse techno rave at 3 am on a weekday, most likely after I meet up with a friend for that one drink… we’ve all been there, right? Though recently, I came to a realisation that it would be amazing to meet a fellow creative, who would want to share these things with me.

    So what about CLiKD?

    CLiKD is great! Their approach to online dating is so different to other apps out there. I like that it is the system based on connection through imagery and the idea that after building your own profile, people who are interested must pass your “test” before they can start a conversation and vice versa. The creation of a little challenge gives you a little feeling of satisfaction from a match. Also, from a dater perspective, it means you get a more realistic insight into a person’s character based on more that his or her own built image from a profile.

    And when it comes to guys…

    Let me be honest with you, I’m an open-minded person, well at least I’d like to think so… and for the past year, I’ve dated all kinds of people… musicians, city guys, health freaks, posh boys, lost poets (in reality just guys who still don’t know what they are doing with their life), chefs (they can cook me a proper breakfast because my breakfast usually consists of coffee and cigarettes and Berocca, if its winter). Point being, you name them, I’ve dated all different types, however, I figured I want to meet a creative with similar background and passions as myself. Here, I will be taking you on the journey with me, where I will be sharing my CLiKD experience; starting from discussing the tests I come across and choose, conversations I’ll be having and most definitely the fun part, the actual dates!!! And don’t worry; I do kiss and tell (sorry guys)!

    I figured to make it more interesting, I going to change my interests and 3 questions every week to see what type of different people I will come across. Also, I will explain the reasoning for each question and answer chosen and you can see for yourself what difference it will make to the matching.

    So I think it’s enough talking for now… and let’s start these conversations going and go on this first date…!

    My questions for week 1:

    1) Street art or fine art? – Definitely street art, one of my hobbies is actually going for a walk around London with my camera in search of murials and new artists. I want someone who will want to go and get lost for hours on these walks with me.

    2) Go with the flow or plan before you go? – I’m a free spirit who hates planning.

    3) Cant live without… music or laptop? – Music, you will probably be my best friend if you know what I mean when I say, “do youuuu” and you’ll know what to reply back.

    That’s it for now. I’ll have my first date soon, so in the next blog post on Daria’s journal, I’ll tell you how it goes!

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