Daria’s Journal Week #2: Why I Don't Reply to Generic "Hey"

Daria’s Journal Week #2: Why I Don’t Reply to Generic “Hey”

  • Daria's Journal - Week Two

    Hi, I’m Daria; last month I applied for a dating internship at CLiKD, so in the next 10 weeks I will be going on 10 dates and in this journal I will be sharing my experience with you! This week, I’ll be talking about why the generic ‘hey’ doesn’t work…

    So, let the story begin…


    Time for something different

    Since I downloaded the app it’s been a pretty interesting start. I can confidently say that CLiKD is unlike any other app I’ve used before, it’s absolutely different. Unlike Tinder, for example, where you choose people purely based on looks and you swipe so much that by the end of the day your thumb falls off, CLiKD sends you daily recommendations of 30 people, based on your interests and preferences. And you can change these whenever you want. Then, of course, there is the test, which again you can change whenever you like and even upload your own questions if you want to go a little crazy. After both of us pass each other’s test, we’ve then CLiKD. Sweet. Time to chat.

    Daria's Journal Week Two

    If you’ve ever used Tinder, which I’m sure most people in our 20’s and 30’s have, you’ll know that the conversation is so banal and after 4-5 boring questions, you literally want to shoot yourself or in reality you just copy/paste the answers (yes, I’ve done that before), and you end up deciding to go for a drink just because the guy’s fit. Then, whatever happens, happens but we all know it never really goes anywhere after. 

    With apps like Tinder you never really get great dates

    Why I don’t message first and don’t reply to generic “hey”:

    I have a policy…I never, ever message first. I know some of you think it’s ridiculous and if we are all feminists nowadays, then why can’t we start a conversation first? Well, guess what, since none of you men has the balls these days to come up and start a chat in real life (unless you’re really drunk) and you need an app to speak to a female, then the least you can do, is message first!

    Men have to start the conversation

    The great thing with CLiKD is that the tests make for great conversation starters. So, guys, you don’t have to message the typical “Hey gorgeous, how’re you doing?” or  the generic “Hey 🙂”. Although, I did get a few like that, so guys… please can we be a bit more creative? I spend my day emailing, texting and speaking to people as it is, so I’m not going to bother replying to that line from a complete stranger, no matter how cute you are. Come on; let’s be more creative!

    Another tip for you… Complimenting a girl is obviously a must, yet personally I’d rather hear it in real life, or later in the conversation than as an opening line. If you open with a compliment, it’s basically pretty cringe.

    why I don't message first and don't reply to "hey"

    So, what makes a good opening line?

    I’d say definitely something humorous or perhaps something completely random, so not the generic hey. As I mentioned previously I am not going to reply to a complete stranger telling him the story of my life/day etc. If anything, I’d rather do it in person and skip the small talk/messaging. So …

    Make me laugh – yes.

    Make me think “why would you ask such a question” – yes.

    Make it interesting – yes.

    Make it boring, banal, standard BS – No … you’re wasting my time, and yours!

    That’s it for now. I’ll have my first date soon, so in the next blog post I’ll tell you how it goes!

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