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Daria’s Journal Week #3: My First Date…and it was a corker…

  • Daria's Journal Week 3

    So here it goes… the story about my first date on CLiKD, and we are going to call him N°1 (after all he is the first of my 10 dates). And let me say one thing about this story, this is NOT fiction, it really did happen and I can most definitely declare it was the worst date of my life. (Sorry Team CLiKD!)

    My first date

    Lucky N°1

    As I mentioned in the previous post I had come up with questions on the app which would help me find a creative person, someone who shares my passions, because hey that’s what CLiKD is all about finding people who are on your wavelength. Well, be careful what you wish for…

    So, why choose lucky N°1? well, he looked handsome in his pictures, which were very tastefully done (no selfie in front of the mirror disaster, which hurts my eyes or a group of lads, where you have to figure out which one is he or – my all time favourite, pictures with ex-girlfriends).

    The conversation instantly started flowing and turned out he also worked in a creative industry. Bingo, a CLiKD win! I wanted creative and I got creative. So far so good, it seemed like we had a lot in common and as a date, he asked me to go photograph with him at my favourite locations around London. Interesting, creative and different? Ticks the boxes – So I agreed…

    This was unfortunately about as good as it got with N°1, and things started to go quickly down hill from there.

    I wanted a creative date...

    First impressions…

    So when I met the guy in real life, he looked nothing like he did in his pictures and honestly speaking, he probably wasn’t my type to begin with, but then again, what is “the type” right? I don’t like to think of myself as a shallow person and personality counts for a lot. However, and this is a biggie – the one thing I do have an issue with is when a guy turns up to a date in his gym gear. Seriously! all I could focus on were the exceedingly tight shorts and his chicken legs, and not in a good way!

    Who the hell dresses like that on a first date? I mean, even if you were Marlon Brando mate, there is a zero chance you’re getting anywhere in that outfit… ever!

    The “photoshoot”

    Not a great start, but who knows perhaps he’s a really great person right? So off we trot to our first secret locations for our shoots, and this is where he takes the opportunity to give me a lecture on photography, blah blah blah. That’s all well and good, and thanks for the lesson, but turns out the dude doesn’t even own a camera and his pictures look like Windows98 desktop pictures!

    He wasn't even a good photographer...

    … And a fun drink after

    Following the “photoshoot”, (which I actually I quite enjoyed mostly because I love taking photos). I decided to challenge myself even further and learn a bit more about this cookie, but alcohol was needed to tolerate that.

    I needed a drink to date this guy..

    So a couple of drinks have got to improve the situation right… But unfortunately, with the alcohol hitting his brain, he started speaking louder and became more absurd. And this guy has clearly not taken dating 101, because we got a few minutes in before he brings up his ex-girlfriends, in detail, slagging them off and then saying that the last one who broke up with him (well done gal!), he still deeply misses. Good on ya mate! Why are you on a dating site then?! And why are you telling me – I’m not your therapist am I?!

    What a terrible date!

    … And he asked me the most awkward question:

    Now you might think that it can’t get much worse than that, but you would be wrong, because at this point he decided to ask me a questionthe question, my dears, that you don’t even dare to ask your friends, no matter how close you are with them. But this one did… “How many people have you slept with?” It’s hard to shock me, but this one shook me a little I must say, my jaw slightly dropped onto my plate. What do you even reply to that? Do you lie? How many is too many or how little is too little? Why should you know or even care? Anyway, he completely shut it down by replying to his own question by saying “Well surely it’s a pretty decent number for you, you’re an attractive girl…”. If that was an attempt at a compliment, it failed. Miserably.

    Never ask this question on a date!

    Time to escape!

    So that’s when it hit me; I urgently need to do my laundry and my non-existent cat, let’s call her Trixie, needs to be fed ASAP.

    Funny thing, in his head, the date must have gone really well, hence he was texting me after. But, sorry not sorry, I had to ghost. In all honesty, I hate the idea of ghosting, I find it extremely disrespectful but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do right? I think in this situation, it was perfectly reasonable to ghost.

    Time to escape from this terrible date!

    So In conclusion…

    The date aside, I have to say I do feel bad for ClikD… I know it was only the first date but that was a pretty poor start… Though from one point of view, I wanted a creative and I got one, and it just so happened that his creativeness was attached to a bunch of other stuff which wasn’t so cool. Anyway, I think for my next date I need to change up my questions and focus more on personality, because… well, you read the blog.

    CLiKD you asked me for warts and all so you got it…


    Result of Date No 1: Mega Fail

    Comment from Team CLiKD –  Sorry Daria! Sounds like a bit of a nightmare. Though you did say you wanted a creative – and we found you one… But hey 9 more dates to go, and the upside is it can only get better from here!

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