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Daria’s Journal Week #4: Date No.2, Things can only get better…

  • Here we go… After that glorious first date, although slightly traumatised, I decided not to lose hope, but be positive and go for date no.2. A new day and all that…


    Changing the questions

    So, the cool thing about CLiKD is I can change the questions that my matches have to answer, so time to try something new.  The creative angle on the questions didn’t quite pan out, so time to try one which involve a little more personality:

    1. At a festival more likely to be found… – it’s festival season and hey there are two types of people, and obviously, I’d probably be the one crowd surfing! So I want someone who I can share that with.
    2. Prefer to watch… Big Lebowski v.s Dirty Grandpa – The Dude, one of my favourite films of all time, would be great to find someone who knows every line from the film like me.
    3. Plan ahead or go with a flow – I did keep one, this question had to stay because you know it’s my life motto 😛

    I started to be more active by doing more tests and I CLiKD with quite a few people. But this time I decided to be cautious, by trying to chat to people for a little longer than usual before deciding to meet them.  Date Number 2 caught my interest in particular and here is why…

    Date no.2 can be magic

    Date No.2

    Apart from looking quite handsome in his pictures (we’ve been there before), he started the conversation by complimenting my photos and no…not in the typical creepy way by saying “you look fit in your pictures or blah blah blah” but more pointing out that they look professional and they are tastefully done. Which I know mate… they are thank you. But that was a good conversation starter.

    When you're excited for date no.2

    Anyway, yet again the conversation started flowing and what intrigued me the most is his knowledge about Russian culture. When I said I also work in film he instantly started talking about Andrei Tarkovsky (Google it guys, I promise you won’t regret it). He started talking in depth about his films, which I have to admit is pretty unusual for someone who is not a film person to talk about.

    We continued talking for a bit more, and a bit, I mean for another week. He eventually asked me on a coffee date and I’ve never ever done a coffee date in my life, and I quite frankly I have no intentions do to so either! I mean I am sorry but, not that I necessarily need to be drunk on a first date (although all depends on the company) but as much as I love coffee there is nothing less romantic than a coffee date. In my head, it straight away turns into some kind of meeting/interview and I’ve got enough of those at work, thank you very much. After he said that, I obviously thought that, either a guy is a health freak or just plain boring. Yet, I decided to put my judgment on hold and I suggested that maybe a drink would be a better idea.

    Drinks on date no.2

    To my surprise, he turned out to be neither boring or a health freak. He did what I find really attractive in a man. He asked me when I’m free, where would it be convenient for me to meet, what I like to drink and he booked us a place, which was some gin bar in Soho. Perfect right?


    The date

    So here comes the day of the date  no.2… Luckily I had a manic day at work and I was running late everywhere like a headless chicken, even to the date! It actually worked to my benefit because I didn’t have enough time to freak out or get nervous before. I was so late that 10 minutes before the date I had to run to the nearest shop with a bathroom and try and make myself look like a human. Finally, I get to central, where we were supposed to meet and here I see the dude… I knew he looked handsome in his pictures but in real life, the view was even better. We are off to a good start already.  

    Happy that date no.2 is going well

    Off we go to that gin bar in Soho, which to be honest is not my cup of tea, slightly pretentious and overpriced with a bunch of suit guys, but what other choice do you get in central right? We had our first drink and straight away I noticed that date No.2 is a gentleman and definitely has manners. The conversation, just like when were messaging, was also flowing. We both agreed that we didn’t like that place so we decided to go to a normal pub and continue our date. And this, darlings, is what I mean by there is no ideal place for a perfect date. If the company is great you can have the most amazing time, even in some shitty, smelly pub and completely lose track of time and this is exactly what happened. Everything we were talking about, my eyes were opening wider and wider because how much in common we had. When it got to last orders and we felt like we still have so much to talk about, I decided to take him to one of my favourite places in London, which I only invite someone I really like … I took him to Cahoots.

    Date no.2 at Cahoots!

    Later on…

    Our date continued into the night where we completely lost track of time but unfortunately, work was calling the next day, so we decided it was time to end the evening and that’s when Number 2 went for the kill. Yes, we sealed it with a kiss, which I normally prefer not to do not to spoil it. Do you guys kiss on first dates?


    The verdict

    The verdict is though, in contrast with date Number 1, it was a perfect first date with Number 2. Not just in contrast but in general it was one of the best first dates that I have had in a while. So there you go guys, I changed my questions and concentrated on personality and there you go that’s what I got, and you know what we CLiKD and it was great fun.  

     So CLiKD – after the first date disaster you put me through consider yourself partly redeemed.

     I enjoyed our date, so I am hoping to meet date No.2 again… but let’s see how it goes.  

    When date no.2 goes so well

    Comment from CLiKD:  PHEEEEWWWWW!  After last week, we are so glad date no.2 was a lot more fun! And we must say there is a bit of a relief around Team CLiKD that we are not just sending crazies your way. Good luck with the next one!


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