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Daria’s Journal Week #5: An Unexpected Techno Date…

  • Darias Journal Week 5

    So as you read in the last post, the first date with No. 2 went pretty well or at least I thought so. So no new questions with CLiKD this time, the last ones worked well and I like him, so let’s see if we can progress to unexpected Date No. 2.

    What happens next?

    But then, isn’t that always the question, the date went well but what happens next, right? Or should I call it the commandments of dating texting etiquette, especially when it’s just the beginning?

    Surely, quite a lot of you either have been in that situation or heard about it from your friends, where you go on a first date, think everything went smoothly, you probably sealed it with a kiss or two and then you never hear from your date ever again…!

    A good first date doesn't mean that everything will be perfect from now on.

    We put so much pressure on ourselves that we decide not to text for a certain period of time, because we don’t want to come across as psychos and desperate. That concerns both boys and girls.

    Who will text first?

    I know I’m a hypocrite for saying this, because I’ve never ever texted first after a first date either. Personally, I think a man should make a move because, you know, I’m old school, BUT if he decides to make a move using the “3-day” rule, I’m not interested, thank you. I genuinely think if you had that connection with a person that you’ve met and you consider yourself to be an adult, you shouldn’t be following any stupid rules about the logistics of texting.

    The 3-days rule is childish..

    Moving on to date No. 2, as I suspected, I would not have to face those childish games of “oooh who’s going to text first; let me wait 7 hours to reply to how’s it going?”, and I was right.

    The conversation

    Our conversation continued to flow naturally, just like you would have it with your mate. We shared music links, articles and memes about the things we talked about on the date and no, no nudes. We are grown up people here, we are basically two massive geeks who met each other.

    We are two massive geeks who met each other

    On our first date, I mentioned how every summer I dream of going to the Rooftop Cinema but I never find the time or the company to do that. So, kudos to him, he picked up on this and booked us some tickets to do exactly that.  He is slowly ticking a lot of boxes….

    The unexpected date: techno night

    Fast forward to the weekend and we ended up with an unexpected date on Friday. I was going to a techno night with my best friend to Corsica Studios. However, my Friday night panned out slightly different from what I expected it to. I’m still not sure how we ended up going to that techno night together. But we were going out anyway, and we had a date planned. But you know what, we just decided we wanted to see each other again.  So me, my best friend, him and his mate, very lastminute.com style…ended up arranging to head to an unexpected date at a techno night.

    It was the most spontaneous “second date” I could ever think of, and the dude had some balls not to be intimidated by meeting my friend, and trust me we are a crazy bunch, especially when it comes to dancing. 

    we are a crazy bunch, especially when it comes to dancing

    The day after…

    The next day, as you can imagine, we were feeling pretty fragile but, thanks to the great British summer, the screening of the film at the Roof Top Cinema was cancelled. Yet, slight headache and grey wet sky didn’t stop us from going on our “proper second date”. On my way home to recover and become human again, I noticed that Damien Hurst’s Pharmacy 2 at Newport Street Gallery is open till late. As a massive fan of that gallery and contemporary art, I suggested that perhaps we could go there instead. Like last time, everything was booked, and all I had to do was show my face and enjoy life.

    all I had to do was show my face and enjoy life

    The “proper” second date

    Damien Hirst Pharmacy 2

    So I did, and we had a really nice dinner, although the place was slightly empty but, as I said before, if the company is great, you hardly notice what’s going on around you and yes, it’s all lovey-dovey. Following dinner, we decided to walk around and just “go with the flow”, which led us to BFI and a jazz bar. But I’m not going to go into details because I’ll bore you to sleep with it and not because it was boring, but because it was disgustingly perfect. So, I’m afraid the rest of the night is history…

    The date was disgustingly perfect

    But he still doesn’t know that I work for CLiKD…

    Who knows, perhaps this will go somewhere or maybe not. I’ve been so caught up in the moment, that I still haven’t told No. 2 I work for CLiKD, so who knows he might run away now…

    He might run away if he knows I work for CLiKD...

    So… the story is now becoming much more interesting. We’ll see next week how it goes…

    Comment from Team CLiKD:

    Awesome that you guys have progressed to a 2nd and third date! So it seems that CLiKD has passed its first milestone: we found you someone worthy of more dates! and for that, we are celebrating!  Nice one Daria and mysterious No.2.

    We are celebrating this success!


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