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Daria’s Journal Week #6: Confession time…

  • Daria's Journal Week 6

    And here it goes, the drumroll…

    Drumroll... it's confession time

    As you could read in the previous article, we have been having such great time together for the past couple of weeks, that I completely lost track of time and even stopped counting the number of dates that we’ve had. However, there was one thing that was hanging over me, and that was the spectre of CLiKD. As I mentioned in the last blog I sort of forgot (or perhaps purposely/ not so purposely avoided) telling him that I actually intern for CLiKD…. So, it’s confession time!

    Will he be ok with my confession that I date as a job!

    How could he react to the confession?

    I mean, let’s be honest, I know I’m the person who likes to challenge myself and I like doing unusual, unorthodox experiences but, not everyone is as open minded, right? How would you react if someone you started dating, told you, “Wait a minute, I actually work for the app”? Personally, if that happened to me, I’m not sure I would be 100% cool about it. It would probably make me feel slightly like a social experiment, definitely would question how many other people this person is “dating” and, most of all, how would they portray me?! Are they slagging me off when they write about our dates?!

    How could he react to my confession?


    Time to grab the bull by the horns!

    So after the amazing weekend we had last week, I was sat at work, and the whole “will he/ wont he be annoyed” was running through my head. I thought “s**t, lets grab the bull by the horns and get this confession out” and so I mysteriously rang No. 2, then I told him to go on the CLiKD website… “Yes, the one we met on…” I’m sure at this point he was thinking, what the hell??

    He should have thought... What? In reponse to my confession

    So there, I waited for the response…

    Nervous for his response to my confession

    The confession reaction….

    It was the most awkward and longest 30 seconds of silence in my life, but then I heard a little laughter, followed by a lot more…. Thank god, he found it funny, and not in the sarcastic ‘I am making fun of you’ way. It was a good laughter, the type which infects and makes you join in too.

    He was so totally cool and relaxed about it, I was relieved. I had to admire the level of confidence of the bloke, he just took my confession in his stride.

    he was so totally cool and relaxed about my confession

    … A few questions

    Of course, there were a few questions; was I looking for more dates? Did I have to continue dating those other 10 people? I reassured him that I had already spoken to guys at CLiKD and that they had re-assured me that if I do find someone worthy of continuing to date, then they had my back and were happy for me to see where it goes… and yes I do think he is worthy.

    Tricky confession situation navigated with confidence and laughter. Well played. No.2, just got over another bump up on the Dariameter…


    This week’s date…

    Now, to the actual date this week. With all the drama, I had nearly forgotten about it! Anyway, considering the past couple of weeks, where we had spent so much time together and gone on all of these exciting dates, No.2 suggested to a quiet weekend this time, and offered to cook me dinner. Pretty brave no? I mean, even my previous boyfriends never cooked me dinner (if you’re not counting pot noodles that is…)

    Cooking doesn't mean a pot of noodles

    He cooked for me!

    Anyways, I arrived at his place, was gifted a lovely glass of wine and made to relax as he started cooking. This was legit cooking as well my dears, not something like ‘let me throw something in a microwave and dinner is ready’, but a properly grown up experience. All perfectly timed and prepared. I’m sorry girls, but is there anything sexier than a man who can cook? I consider myself to be a good cook (at least to my knowledge, I never poisoned anyone with my food) but I think that when a man can cook, it definitely makes him 100 times more attractive.

    So there we had his speciality dish which was very very tasty, accompanied by a lovely bottle of wine and even desert (even though he mentioned before he doesn’t have a sweet tooth like me) so bless the dude for trying to make me happy and for getting my favourite desert. Can’t find a thing to complain about that evening.

    A man cooking is so sexy

    Phew, were on the same page, and another date down!

    Another date down, and a few more ticks in all the right boxes. I can definitely say that my experiment with CLiKD has brought some pleasantly unexpected issues, I thought I would be stressing about where to go on the next date and what the next date would be like, but amazingly I’m spending my time having so much fun with No.2. It’s crazy because everything has been happening so quickly! I know it’s only been a few weeks, but seems like I’ve known him so much longer.

    You know what? Every time I see No.2 he makes me smile and laugh, we have such a great time together, so sod it, whilst it continues like this, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy it.

    Sorry CLiKD, fingers crossed no new dates next week either. x

    Daria Appeal: 

    Also one last thing from me – I want to hear about you! Have any of you guys and girls been on a CLiKD date? If so email me your CLiKD date stories (daria@CLiKDapp.com) and let’s start comparing notes and we may get your blog or feedback on our social media!  My boss even said that he would pay for your next date if he likes your chat enough. So hurry up and send me your stories!

    TEAM CLiKD: Good work No.2, chilled out and a great cook. We can’t take credit for the latter, but Daria’s questions were about personality and finding someone who takes life in their stride, so I’m glad so far it seems like it is working. & I’m glad you guys are having so much fun!  And yes do send some stories in we are keen to hear more about what you guys and girls have been up to!

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