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Daria’s Journal Week #7: Is it time for that ‘chat’…..??

  • Daria's Journal, Week 7

    So here’s a question for you. What is the exact point where you progress from just “hanging out”, dating, seeing each other, whatever to a full on relationship? You know when you cross that invisible line where you decide that this stranger you met is going to, for at least a little while, be that person you accept into your life and when are you starting telling people that they are your bf/gf? Is it after that chat?

    That is an excellent question!

    For some people it seems it just slowly happens over time, for others, it’s the “chat” and for some it’s when you finally make that very public statement of changing your Facebook status (which, for the record, I never ever change, I find it extremely unnecessary)! And for others, well, it seems to never come….

    Well you have already heard all about my dates with lucky No.2, and it’s been going really well, so here is the story of how our attempt at the “chat” went down….


    So far so good – it’s been Intense, Hectic & So Much fun!

    Intense, intense, intense… all I can say about the past couple of weeks, days, hours?! I don’t even know. Time just seems to fly, I’m not big into lovey dovey stuff, but No 2 is just great company, you know that amazing rare feeling that you only get with a few people, where you forget about the rest of the world? And for me when I’m with him, I even forget about my phone’s existence, yup so you can imagine.



    An unexpected weekend away…

    But a hectic dating schedule and lots of work have taken its toll. So, when we got to the end of long working week…

    (oh crap… I’ve already started  – WE…. (Me and him) – when did that happen!!)…

    …at that point I was definitely feeling like a squeezed lemon and I don’t think he felt so fresh himself.

    I was definitely feeling like a squeezed lemon and I don't think he felt so fresh himself

    Either way, we were planning to spend the weekend together as it is (yes, I’m afraid I become a bad friend who’s recently been “busy” every weekend for weeks now); but without a fixed agenda we were chatting on the phone about what we might do. So I suggested maybe we should get away for the weekend and go to one of my favourite places – Brighton

    Well, fair play to No 2, he took the bull by the horns and within the next 10 minutes, the tickets were sorted as well as the logistics of our travel, so last minute weekend trip sorted.  And you know what – it was actually a perfect spontaneous move because as it turned out it was also Pride happening that weekend in Brighton! Which I Love! So off we go…!

    There was Pride in Brighton, so perfect!

    Pride is awesome – but life is a Beach!

    We arrived there on a Sunday morning, and went off to investigate the city.  We had a little nose around pride and soaked in the fun and excitement, but we decided not to actually join the parade, as it turns out neither of us is huge fans of massive crowds. So instead we sloped off and spent most of the day at the beach, walking, chatting, having brunch and it was a perfect setting.

    What a perfect setting!

    Aborted Tatoo Attempt

    Then me being typical “random Daria“, I decided it would be a good idea to get a tattoo (no I wasn’t drunk, all I had was one Aparol).  But yes, I thought it would be a cool idea to get a small, well actually tiny, tiny tattoo and no matter what happens with No2, I can at least always have this story about this lovely last minute trip and what was ultimately a really cool, fun day.  And you know what, I know tattoos aren’t for everyone, but having a little reminder of happy times can’t be that bad right? I mean all I wanted is a tiny anchor on my finger (which by the way, a lesson for you, it is a very, very bad idea; if you ever meet a tattoo artist who agrees to tattoo on your fingers, run away!)

    Anyway, off we go to search for the place, but as it turns out it’s really, really hard to find a walk in tattoo shop when its pride and the booze is flowing… It seems I was not the only one with the idea of getting a little keepsake. I mean good thinking there… and I have to say, some of the people queuing up to get tatoo’s – well lets just say they looked like they may very well wake up with a very sore head, but with at least a tatoo to remind them of what they got up to at Pride!

    Brighton: you owe me a tatoo!

    So unfortunately after wading through the crowds of drunks, I begrudgingly decided to jack it in – and you know what, I was a little annoyed, because I did want my Brighton “souvenir”.  But hey ho, for now the memories and photos will do – but Brighton you were awesome, but you owe me a tattoo… And, just maybe, I will come back with No2 and reclaim it some day…

    The “chat”….

    So we managed to track down a really nice pub and we are chilling, drinking, talking about everything as usual, then something hits me and I realise that we are sort of having “the chat”.

    It was the "talk" time!

    I mean the “talk”, that I personally prefer to avoid, the awkward “talk”, the dreadful “talk”! Except, weirdly enough this one was absolutely chilled and natural, and it sort of happened on its own, without anyone forcing it.

    We were just talking about our previous experiences and relationships, and the we were saying how easy and light it is this time for both us and that being together just feels natural.  And so it does, and so it was, and so it happened. The “Chat”.

    It wasn’t contrived, it wasn’t forced, and you know what, we both just came to the realisation over a relaxed beer that together we are better and together is fun. And so that was it, as naturally as we seem to find each other, and as easily we seem to be in each other’s company, we effortlessly navigated around that dreaded and sometimes tricky “chat”.

    we effortlessly navigated around that dreaded and sometimes tricky “talk”.

    So if you have to put a label on it…

    So yes, if you guys are wondering… and yes if you have to insist on a label, I have a boyfriend, ok? Happy now? Don’t get me wrong I’m not a commitment freak, BUT I absolutely hate labelling things.

    But I will begrudgingly admit in some ways it is good to put everyone’s cards on the table and make clear what you mean to each other. Also, not a massive fan of word “boyfriend”, nope….you see, I don’t date boys, I prefer dating men.  But if you’re going to push me on it, then I would say that yes this man is now official someone special in my life, so, for now, let’s call him my significant manfriend.

    So yes, he is my boyfriend.

    So, thanks CLiKD you have been great – but time for me to bin you…

    I would never have thought that my little internship with CLiKD would have worked out like this. Getting a boyfriend was sort of the aim of the internship, but personally, I did it mostly to challenge myself and also a bit out of curiosity. Sorry CLiKD, I love the app but I never really thought that it would actually sort me out with someone as awesome as No 2, especially so quickly. But it worked! Good effort CLiKD. 

    But we do have a few more weeks left of the internship, and I’m going to continue keeping you up to date on how the relationship progresses, but for now, I have left CLiKD.

    And no, I promise I’m not going to be one of those people who are “my bf this, my bf that…”. But yes it’s all very new and very exciting to me as you can image, so stay tuned. Who knows what’s going to happen next…? 

     it's all very new and very exciting to me

    Comment from Team CLiKD:

    Yessssssss!!!!!! Whooooo Hoooooo!

    Yess! We are so happy for you

    We are so happy for you Daria! And a little for us! you have been an amazing blogger and we think it’s great you found someone like No.2.   I think we can say you guys just CLiKD…. our first confirmed relationship.  That’s great news!

    And don’t forget our promise at the start of the internship if you found someone special we would send you both off to a festival together! So we will get that sorted for you! And look forward to hearing all about your trip

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