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Daria’s Journal Week #8: Festival Time!

  • Daria's Journal Week 8

    So here it is my dears, it’s officially happening! It’s exactly less that one week until I and No.2 are going to be at Outlook Festival in Croatia! I must admit the CLiKD guys are the most amazing bosses I have ever worked for, I mean can it get any better? I meet a perfect guy and on top of that, they send us to a festival?! Sorry, I don’t want to brag but sounds like a dream to me. I’m excited like a little kid before Xmas.

    Excited about Outlook festival

    Outlook festival, We are coming!

    The CLiKD guys are so awesome, that they even allowed us to choose the festival that we wanted to go to because they know how much both of us love music. So from all the festivals out there happening in September, Outlook it is! Woop Woop! Apart from the amazing lineup (I can’t tell you how excited I am to see Goldie, LTJ Bukem, Dj Shadow, Roots Manuva, Calibre, Jehst, Digital Mystikz and many other amazing artists), have you see the location?! It looks like heaven on earth! Beach, sand, abandoned fort and obviously, it is all in the beautiful city of Pula.

    We are going to a festival!

    But I have to tell you a secret…

    You might think I’m so cool and all, but maybe not after what I tell you. I’ve never actually been to a festival longer than a day or where I have to camp. So yes, I’ve never ever camped in my entire life… Ok, let me explain this to you. I haven’t done it because I’m one of those chicks who would normally say “OMG that it’s so grim, who camps, I’ll run my hair etc”, but because, yes, I am a clean freak and I can’t help it. The idea of not showering properly for 4 days kind of freaks me out, not going to lie.

    I've never been to a festival, there's no bathroom!

    But hey ho, clearly I like this guy enough to put myself in that situation and you know what I’m actually looking forward, towards our camping experience. With this guy, nothing scares me.

    With this guy, nothing scares me.

    It will be amazing!

    I think the great thing about this experience will be that its not going to be like any other typical festival where you see some acts, dress like you came out of a vintage party shop and haven’t showered in weeks, covered in glitter and most of the experience you remember is in a blur…

    Dancing at a festival

    BUT, as I said, we are going to be at this amazing location and seeing different acts. We even booked ourselves a boat party, and we are such organized, cultural kids that we decided to visit the city as well, at some point. Apparently, Pula has got some really good restaurants around and obviously all the historical sites that we can visit. Obviously, me and No. 2 are such nerds that we can’t go somewhere and not capture any historical side of the trip.

    we are such nerds at this festival

    And what about us?

    Yes, if you’re wondering we are doing absolutely great, I can’t complain about a thing. It feels like we know each other for years. Right, I’ll stop here before the cheese will start dripping off your screens.

    I don't want to be cheesy!

    There it is, a little update. Now, we are off packing. First official holiday with Mr No.2. CLiKD, thank you so much you guys, you’re amazing, I’m the happiest intern on earth that’s for sure!

    Look out for my post-festival trip blog!

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