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Daria’s Journal Week #9: Time to Meet No. 2 and One Unforgettable Holiday

  • Our first holiday together!

    So yeah, me and No. 2 met on CLiKD, and we’ve been having a great time getting to know each other. When I took up this internship, the guys at CLiKD told me if I met someone then they’d send us to a festival as a holiday and they came through! Yaaa! What an experience it has been. It is definitely something that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

    But also it’s another big test… how are we going to survive our first holiday together?! I have to say, what a first holiday! Off to Croatia to Outlook festival!  

    Day 1 – Daria v Camping

    So, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

    All hyped up and ready to party on our holiday, we arrived in Pula Thursday morning and headed straight to festival central. Now, if you’re like me, you think Croatia = sun, sea and sand but, apparently, for our arrival, Croatia decided to switch things up a bit and give us weather we’re used to; rain. What?! Not cool Croatia but with rain on the way we had bigger things to worry about… aka how to put up that frigging tent. 

    A Four-Man Tent… Apparently….

    As part of the ticket, the festival had provided us with, ahem a four-man tent… So here is where the fun begins; I have obviously never built a tent in my entire life, and no I’m not being your typical city girl, in fact, I really like building and putting things together. I’m a creative after all, I create! Turns out there is a different type of creative mindset needed when it comes to creating tents… Thank God my boyfriend has done it in the past, but it still took us what felt like hours and, seriously though, what a struggle! I was very proud of us when we finally got it up (especially me! 🙂 ), camping 101 was coming along nicely, sort of…

    Though how on earth is all our stuff and both of us supposed to fit in there?! It was meant to be a four-man tent… Yup, you read that right. Four. Man. Tent. 

    We booked an airbnb

    Four-man tent – which must be 4 pygmies, cos it looks strangely to be the same size as one women…

    Also, I would love to see four people actually fit in there. Probably all squished together like sausages.  

    Time for the Festival and Awesome Music… or so We Thought…

    So tent up, time for some food and pre-drinks. My days, what a beautiful evening it was! So, we decided to head down to the beach to stargaze but instead of seeing stars, we were greeted with the news that a crazy thunderstorm was coming our way! Not at all we expected on our holiday!

    But it’s a festival so we thought f*ck it, this is not going to defeat us (or perhaps that was just the drinks talking…) so we headed off to the main arena but the second we arrived we got hit by the full weight of the storm. It seemed as if we were on a ship, Pirates of the Caribbean style.  

    We will not be defeated by a storm! Well… not as long as the bar is open…

    Kept warm and adventurous by several drinks, we decided to adopt some buccaneering spirit ourselves, and were ready to party through it… Outlook, on the other hand, was not on the same page and cancelled all the acts – but never fear people! We met an old friend who saved the day – and her name was Tequila…. (I‘m sure plenty of you readers know her too! 😉 ). After catching up with Tequila, she then introduced us to a whole bunch of new festival friends… you know the kind that you get close enough to have a selfie with, but can’t remember their names the next day! But, an amazing evening where we met loads of cool people (I think!)

    As no photos were taken that night, here is a reconstruction of our buddies who helped us through the storm.

    Anyway drinking over, we waved goodbye to our new best friends and we headed back, content, to our  home. Home being that tent, yay… content being temporary, not so yay.

    The Unforgettable Night in the Tent (and Nope – Not What You Think)

    Alright, alright… so this is where you’re going to think I’m not cool anymore… but I could only do one night in that bloody tent! Don’t judge me, ok?! First of all, you saw the tent. It was a sardine tin, except in this weather a sardine tin would have been better because at least it would have been waterproof! We were also so drenched from the storm and it was so freezing, that I literally thought it would be the end of me.

    I just couldn’t do it but, thankfully, my boyfriend and I were on the same page. After seeing my awfully miserable face in the morning, he booked us an Airbnb within 10 minutes of getting up. Huge relief! We would now be able to enjoy the rest of our trip without fear of getting Tuberculosis.  So there you go, maybe both of us are a little old for the whole camping experience after all, but I think we gave it a decent shot…ish, maybe, whatever, I got to have a hot shower so I don’t care!

    Day 2 – A New Day, a New Dawn – and Time For Some Sun and Music!

    After we got to our Airbnb, and I was the happiest human being ever, we went to the Subdub boat party, which was absolutely as amazing as it sounds! The sun was finally shining, the tequila sunrise was flowing, the music was great and it was good vibes all around! What else do you need, right?

    Beach party!

    After we got off the boat, we headed straight to The Beach. Luck was still on our side and we even got to see the LTJ Bukem finishing his set, which I thought we missed. It was the perfect romantic setting. We watched the sunset and went for dinner to celebrate our little holiday. All in all, the perfect day I had been dreaming of.

    Here’s a photo for you of that perfect evening and, oh yeah if you were wondering, that’s my man on the right, we will call him T cos he’s a little shy, but he’s handsome right? I think I’ve done pretty well here, thanks CLiKD.

     (Team CLiKD – Finally we get to see him! Hmmm not bad, and you guys look great together!)

    Day 3 – Catch Me When I Fall

    Surprisingly feeling fresh and not hungover, we went to Fazana in the morning, a little town near where we stayed. I love the festival and all but it was nice to take a little break and spend some time in a more chilled environment, and I was happy that T felt the same. It was a lovely afternoon, we went swimming and strolled around town taking in all the sights.

    In the evening, we were back at the festival but, being a bit of a klutz I had a couple of falls, as perfectly demonstrated by my lovely video….  And this was just 1 of 3 times I stacked it that night and on this holiday. 

    I have to say though that it was ok, because T (with the patience of a saint) was there catching me every single time. Ha ha. Sandals and mud are a pretty dangerous combination… nothing to do with the booze of course…

    Even though it eventually started to rain again, it didn’t bother us at all. Turns out it was quite refreshing after all the dancing till 6 am and watching the sun rise.  Who could ask for more!

    The festival!

    Another box ticked for a beach festival. With that and the camping success, I’m becoming quite a pro at this malarky….

    Day 4 – All Good Things Must Come to an End

    All too soon, it was time to say goodbye to the festival and the weather.

    Unfortunately, on our last day of our holiday, it was raining the whole time and we didn’t manage to go to Pula to see the city in the afternoon, but just another reason to come back for another trip, right?

    Instead, we relaxed in the afternoon and went to the festival in the evening, weather be damned. In the end, it was one great trip. We definitely learned a lot about ourselves; we realised that we equally love to party but also like a little cultural sightseeing indulgence. Good matching CLiKD!

    So, What You Got to Say No. 2?

    Since you guys have now seen my man T, it would be nice for you to hear from him too, right? It’s just been my side of the story but T has a little something to say:

    I’m so happy I tried out CLiKD, not only has it meant that I have met this amazingly crazy and wonderful girl who makes me laugh and smile, but it has been so much fun. Outlook was awesome, so thank you CLiKD, its been a super cool adventure.”

    I Have Met My Best Friend

    So, there you have it! CLiKD, I can’t thank you guys enough for this amazing opportunity you gave us, this holiday was truly a perfect end to the summer. It really feels like I’ve met my best friend in this experience and I couldn’t have asked for more. Even though we’ve only been together for two months, it feels like we’ve known each other for so much longer (in a good way!) We are both very grateful and I already know we will never run out of stories to tell!

    Team CLiKD

    Thanks to both of you! You guys have made us super happy and it’s been awesome to share your experiences. You have met your best friend and boyfriend all rolled into one, I don’t think we could have asked for more from this experience. This holiday was the least we could do to celebrate 🙂

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