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10 More Dating Terms You Still Don’t Want

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    Now, I’m not going to make any assumptions here because you may have read my previous post, 12 Dating Terms You Need, But Definitely Don’t Want, or you may not have. Regardless, if you haven’t;

    1. there’s still plenty of time, get on it!
    2. This post is a follow up to that, but you don’t have to read the first one to understand this ‘sequel’ (but it would be nice… I mean helpful, if you did!)

    Anyway, back to the subject at hand! The thing is, there are always new (mostly awful) dating terms cropping up all the time, so we want to keep you guys updated because, while dating seems to be getting harder everyday (we know, it sucks), being informed can help you find some ways out of… not so ideal situations. So, without further ado, here are 10 more dating terms that you still don’t want!

    Fresh Prince screaming


    1. Sneating

    Ever gotten a message from someone you’ve been kind of talking to online, but not intensely, and you’re not sure it’ll really go anywhere? “Haven’t we all?”, I hear you saying. Well, have you ever been in that situation, but then they offer to take you out for food and they say the magic words; I’m. Buying. Yeah, if you haven’t guessed already from the fact that eating is in the word, Sneating is when you’re only using a date for free food.

    Emma Stone getting seafood platter 'Ugh, Yum!'

    It breaks down to when your date orders all the really expensive food on the menu and just makes absolutely no effort to talk/engage with you. Now, no one is saying that food = sex and you don’t owe your date anything, but if you know they’re interested in something more, try not to lead them on. Even for free food. I know times are tough but resist!


    1. Tuning

    If you’re anything like me and you follow pop culture, you may have heard about Demi Lovato’s recent top-notch flirting game on Instagram to get the attention of Henry Cavill, aka. Superman (no one can blame her for that really, dude wasn’t cast as superman for no reason) anyway, I digress. My point is, it’s clear that she had a game plan and flirting with actual tactics and strategy has a name. The correct dating term is Tuning.

    We can't win by playing it safe.

    This is when you show A LOT of interest in someone, YET, you still refuse to commit to anything lasting and serious. Either way, you can take all the flirting as a compliment or the lack of follow through as an emotionally exhausting insult. It’s up to you 🙂


    1. Textlationship

    This dating term is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll explain it anyway (you’re welcome.) A textlationship is a relationship that takes place, purely over text, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, meme tagging, you name it. What we mean is you never talk on the phone and you don’t meet in person, it’s all confined to the digital messaging means of your phone.

    Stressed by 2 phones ringing

    Quick disclaimer: for it to be a true textlationship, it would have had to go on for a long period of time. This is a very common thing and you can break out of it, if you want to 😉 Don’t be deterred!


    1. Tindstagramming

    The launch of Tinder brought about many terrible, wonderful and downright hilarious things, but one thing it did bring us that applies to this list is a whole lot of new dating terms. The one that I’ve chosen today is Tindstagramming. The fun culmination of two massive platforms, Tindstagramming is when you reach out to someone through Instagram’s DM section after seeing them on Tinder, but not matching.

    VR Tinder

    Now, I don’t want to sound harsh here, but you probably didn’t match for a reason. That doesn’t mean you should go find their Instagram handle and message them. There’s a reason people only put select information on their Tinder bios and what seems like a missed opportunity for you, is likely a nicely timed dodge to someone else. Remember that online daters!


    1. Monkeying

    I’m sure we all know/have those friends who are never single, EVER. As in they’ve been dating since they could walk and haven’t stopped since. They might be single for a week or so, but they’re the type that just trip over and find themselves in the arms of their next paramour, even though they only just got out of a long-term relationship five minutes ago. Well, there’s a lovely dating term for that too… Monkeying.

    Guys in monkey costumes dancing

    Essentially, it’s a term for when you move from one relationship to another with zero time to rest in between, like a monkey swinging high up in the trees, on heat 😉


    1. Kittenfishing

    If you’ve heard of Catfishing (when someone pretends to be someone they’re not online, whether that’s just lying about their name or coming up with a whole new life of fake stories and fake pictures of ‘themselves’) then let me introduce you to Catfishing’s younger, smaller but just as inconvenient sibling, Kittenfishing. Kittenfishing is not as severe, but it is every bit as misleading. It’s when someone posts out-dated or heavily edited pictures of themselves and use that to coax a potential match to come a little closer.

    Ian Somerhalder with 2 kittens

    Basically, they present an unrealistic and, often times, heavily edited version of themselves in the hopes of winning a date. This extends to not just their photos, but also their bios where they will highlight positive things that may no longer read true. They may have run marathons back in the day, but they’re in full-on couch potato mode now. It’s a bunch of white lies that stack up. Don’t do it, the truth will come out eventually when they meet you!


    1. Microcheating

    A new dating term that I came across that sincerely worried me was Microcheating. I mean, the word cheating strikes fear in my heart and the hearts of many others (I imagine) but now there’s a new one to be wary of?! We don’t need more trust issues internet, give us a damn break! Wait, let me tell you what it is first before you start trawling through your dating history…

    Leigh Anne shocked by Instagram post

    Microcheating is when cheating stops before the actual infidelity of sleeping with someone else who isn’t your partner (how generous) but is still suggestive of that outcome. You know, intense flirting, sexy messages and emotional affairs. In other words, where full blown cheating tends to start. “Fun” – said no one ever about being cheating on. Look, think of it this way. If your partner would be uncomfortable with you doing whatever it is you’re doing with someone else, then maybe try and avoid it… unless your partner is generally a paranoid person, then address that with them!


    1. Pie Hunting

    We know all about people having their ‘type’, whatever that may be (we don’t judge here) but, there are some people whose type isn’t based on actual attraction but on what’s easiest to manipulate. Horrible, I know! But the game of dating is a cruel mistress. Pie Hunting is when the ‘hunter’ (that being the person who is trying to get some) only approaches pies, namely people who are vulnerable, recently heartbroken, have low self-esteem, you get it.

    We're going to need beer, balloons and girls with low self esteem

    They do this because they feel that those ‘vulnerabilities’ mean that those people are ‘easier’ or less trouble. After all, they’ve already been through so much, they’ll accept any behaviour or anyone now, right…? Little history for ya, the term ‘pie’ used here, comes from the British slang ‘pied off’, which is when someone has either been stood up, rejected or broken up with.


    1. Fauxbae’ing

    Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE the dating term ‘Bae’. Firstly, I thought people were just spelling babe wrong, then I realised it was slang and I felt old, so I got annoyed. THEN, I found out what it meant and got really annoyed! For those of you not ‘in-the-know’, Bae stands for Before Anyone Else and, honestly, I have yet to see anyone use it in the right context, because that acronym suggests that only one person can be before everyone else and people use it for everyone and everything. Ugh!

    Stephen Colbert -

    Anyway, Fauxbae’ing (which sounds like a food preparation technique, right? Just me? Cool…) is when someone pretends that they’re in a relationship on social media, but they are actually Bridget Jones’ level single (no respect to Bridget, she’s my soul sister for life!) They usually do this to evoke feelings of jealousy in others. Honestly, sounds like a lot of additional work to me, but each to their own and all that jazz.


    1. Gram Slamming

    Thanks to Bella Thorne (never did I ever think I’d start a sentence that way as an adult) I bring to you a new dating term I just learnt; Gram Slamming. The gram (Instagram) is not just for showing off your holiday pics or for celebrities to fill up your feeds with sponsored ads to get you to buy stuff they get for free, oh no no NO! Now, you can consider Instagram the go-to platform to publically shame your cheating partner and put them on a somewhat public trial (not that cheating is a crime, more’s the pity…)

    Game of Thrones -

    Everyone reacts differently to cheating. Some people retreat and hide, others get even. This is a new way people have been finding to get even, because what better way to get back at a cheating partner than taking down their reputation? Aye man, I guess you got to do what you feel like you got to do, but Gram Slamming can get pretty ugly (Rob Kardashian posting explicit pictures of his baby mama online anyone?) Just know that the best revenge is living your best life. Gosh, that’s the most positive thing I’ve said in this post, right? Better to end it on that somewhat cheerful note 🙂

    Oprah - Success is the best revenge

    So, there you have it! 10 more dating terms you still don’t want. I can only apologise for the knowledge that has been dropped on you today, but I can also say that I would not wish any of these terms on any of you lovely people. One upside; now that you know what they are, you can avoid them if you don’t want to be in them. Either that, or I’ve given you guys new ideas on how to torture people you fancy… eek! Make good choices, that’s all I’m saying 😉

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