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How To Deal With Rejection While Dating

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    Ever been on a date or met someone that you really liked but they ended up “curving” or rejecting you? I’m pretty sure ninety nine percent of the world’s population has been curved, or will be curved, once in their lives. Rejection is a part of the dating world. It’s something that is just going to happen. Dating is similar to flipping a coin and hoping it lands on either heads or tails. It’s a 50/50 chance that, that person will be interested in you. I am here today to tell you that rejection is okay.

    First and foremost, I am not a dating expert or matchmaking Goddess. I’m a regular person, just like you. Dealing with rejection while dating is something we all have to face. It may be easy for some to deal with, but others might struggle. The fear of rejection is one of the main reasons why individuals are scared to date. No one likes putting themselves out there, but there are ways around that;

    Here are 4 KEY things to remember:

    • Accept it
    • Know Your Worth
    • Bounce Back
    • Do Not Take It Personally
    1. Accept It

    The first step when dealing with rejection is ACCEPTING IT. Do not dwell on it for a long period of time. It’ll just make you feel even worse. Whatever excuse that person gave you shouldn’t be the reason you just give up on dating altogether. It does not mean you are a crappy person! That person just doesn’t know how awesome you really are or they know you aren’t compatible with them. Also, take that as a lesson. At least they had the guts to tell you upfront, instead of stringing you along. Nobody wants that.

    Accept it

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    2. Know Your Worth

    Secondly, KNOW YOUR WORTH. Do not blame and criticize yourself. Let that person go. Do not try to figure out why they rejected you. Try focusing on something else, like working out or taking a pottery class. Go out and travel. Meet new people while exploring the world. Bring some excitement back into your life.

    3. Bounce Back

    Bounce Back

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    Third, you have to BOUNCE BACK! Don’t let that person make you feel bad. Put on your favorite playlist and sing liberating songs like “Irreplaceable” by Beyoncé or “Bounce Back” by Big Sean. Get all dressed up and go out to eat with your close friends. Just feel good about yourself.

    4. Don’t Take It Personally

    Most importantly, DO NOT TAKE IT TO HEART! I promise you, the pain of not being liked back only lasts for a minute. It’s time for you to move on. Rejection while dating is normal and a part of life, so keep on trying. Not everyone is the perfect match for you. Sooner or later, you’ll find that special someone until then, keep your head up!


    Sxmply Cas 🙂

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