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Eight Types Of Guys You’ll Meet Online

  • Eight Types Of Guys You’ll Meet Online

    Meet/Eat/Love (MEL) #19

    Online dating is sometimes like a deck of cards. You just never know which “card” is going to appear.

    Picking a 'card' in online dating

     However, if you spend enough time on online dating apps, you’ll start to notice patterns and similar profile “types.”

    Let’s dive right in and see which guys you’ll meet online dating, aka “cards” are the most common.


    Here is a list of 8 common online profiles you’ll most likely come across:


    1. The Player

     He’s hot and he knows it. He has just the right types of pics to get you to swipe “yes.”  Let’s see… there’s one of him looking hot on a motorbike. Of course, there’s a selfie of him smiling with his eyes or dimples and there’s another one of him staring just enough to the left so you can check out his chiseled jaw line.   You get the picture.

    The player from online dating


    1. The One Night Stand

    He is a spinoff of The Player. The two main differences are that The One Night Stand will tell you right off the bat that he’s only looking for hookups. His pics are all topless or the ‘lying in bed’ selfie.  At least he’s honest…?

    the one night stand from online dating


    1. The Athlete

    Definitely one of the guys you’ll meet online dating. He’s got triathlon pics, marathon pics, and don’t forget his mud run pics! He loves to be active and his pics show it. This guy can be fun if you share the same interests and are up for going on a 7am ‘jog’ as your first date.

    the athlete from online dating


    1. The Accomplished

    Whether he’s a startup guru or corporate ladder climber, this guy has enough accolades and credentials to fill a tumblr page.  He’s usually well put together in his pics and enjoying the finer things in life.

    the accomplished from online dating


    1. The World Traveler

    He has exotic photos of an epic trek in Colombia, jumping out of a plane in Hawaii, or lounging poolside in Bali.  Now, he’s in town for a few days on his around the world journey and wants to meet a ‘local’ to show him around.  If you want to play tour guide, sure, but remember he won’t be here next week!

    the world traveler from online dating


    1. The Cheater

    He’s got a girlfriend and will admit it. No, he’s not in an open relationship either.  He will tell you he’s just looking for ‘fun.’  Yes, these men, unfortunately, do exist.

    the cheater from online dating

    1. The Catfish

    His profile looks too good to be true.  It’s because when you reversed image search him, you will find out the pic actually belongs to a real-life model.  Check out “MEL #16 – Eight Ways To Spot A Catfish” if you want to get more tips and not get fooled!

    The catfish from online dating


    1. The Nice Guy

    This the one who doesn’t look like he’s trying too hard in his pics. He has pics with his parents, his friends, and coworkers.  He’s just an average guy, giving this whole online dating thing a try.

    the nice guy from online dating

    How many of these profiles have you come across? Let us know at CLiKD!


    Happy Dating!

    Ms. Mel

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